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What is Low foam Laundry Detergent?

In this second part of our blog series on laundry detergent types, we take a look at what low foam detergents are and what their benefits are. First, let’s recap on what high foaming detergents are and what they’re formulated for.


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What is Low foam Laundry Detergent

High foam detergents vs low foam detergents

As their names suggest, each of these detergent types either creates a lot or a little foam. High foam detergents create a foaming agent when it comes into contact with water and air, making a large number of tiny bubbles or foam. The foam works on the surface of the clothes to break down grease and grime in the fabric fibres. High foam washing powders work really well for hand washing loads.

What is low foam laundry detergent?

Low foam washing powders are, in essence, the opposite. They are manufactured to create as little foam as possible during the washing process. The importance of this is to keep the foaming agents of the powder as low as possible to prevent the build-up of foam and residue in washing machines.

Low foam laundry detergents are generally recommended for washing machine used for this exact reason. The build-up of foam left over from washes can leave a residue in the washing machines which can be left behind on clothing and leave stains.

Low Foam Washing Powder

If you use a washing machine to do your laundry at home, we recommend trying the OMO range of auto washing powders as your low foam washing machine detergent of choice. The OMO Auto Washing Powder range penetrates deep into the fibres of your clothes and is suitable for all washing machine types like front loaders and top loaders. The machine itself does the hard work of breaking down the dirt and grease in fabric fibres, so you don’t need a high foaming agent to help you do it.

Use one scoop of the low foaming OMO Auto Washing Powder of your choice to one load of washing, to get the best results.

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Have you considered a liquid detergent? Liquid laundry detergents, like the OMO range of Auto Liquid Detergents are also low foaming and formulated with stain-busting cleaning power. You only need to use one capful of the liquid in your washing machine for expert cleaning results.

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Is foam important in soap or detergent?

The answer is no. It offers very little to the cleaning power on soap or detergent, but its ability to cling on surfaces makes it ideal for cleaning application.

What makes detergent foam?

Foam and lather are created when foaming agents in soaps, detergents & shampoos mix with air and water.

How do I reduce the foam in a washing machine?

If you want to get rid of suds in your washing machine, throw a capful of liquid fabric softener into the wash while running an additional rinse cycle. Vinegar will also do the trick!

What is low Suds laundry detergent?

Low sudsing laundry detergents are designed for front-loading washing machines. They produce less foam than regular detergents and are often marketed as being better for the environment. Some people also find that they work better on sensitive skin.

Why is it necessary to use a low-foaming detergent?

Low-foaming detergents are a necessity for two reasons: first, they are less likely to cause allergic reactions; and second, they are less likely to leave residue on clothes.

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