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Why Should You Use Laundry Capsules?

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, we all appreciate the little things that make our lives that much simpler. OMO has developed a laundry detergent capsule that offers a fast, convenient and highly effective solution to your wash day blues.


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Why should you use Laundry Capsules

Looking to know more about laundry capsules and why you should try using them? Laundry capsules are a quick and easy way to get your clothes clean without all the mess and fuss. Not only do laundry capsules make your life easier, but they’re also better for the environment.

Most of us face the dilemma of never knowing exactly how much detergent to use. The advantage is that these contain a pre-measured gel detergent for your convenience, preventing overdosing you’re washing with detergent. Read this guide to find out everything you need to know about laundry capsules and why you should use them.

Why Should You Use Laundry Capsules?

When it comes to laundry day, capsules are the height of convenience. With OMO Laundry Capsules, it’s as easy as dropping one into your machine with your laundry. They contain an effective detergent as well as a softener that has been pre-measured to give you the perfect amount of detergent for a load of washing which makes life so much easier. You will never again have to deal with the issue of streaks of powder detergent being left behind on washed clothes.

How Do Laundry Capsules Work?

When your clothes are soiled, the dirt gets absorbed by the fibres of the material. The contents of the capsule will get straight to work to help remove the dirt and grime on your clothing. You don’t need to tear open the capsule, it will dissolve in hot or cold water.

Benefits of Using Laundry Capsules vs Laundry Liquid

In the debate between laundry capsules vs liquid, the choice really depends on your personal preference. However, here’s why we love both of these products:

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Laundry Capsules

  • The capsule contains a perfectly pre-measured amount of detergent for one load of washing – so one capsule, one step, best results!

  • Minimum effort with maximum results

  • Easy to take a few capsules with you when travelling

  • No messy spills or drips

  • The packaging is recyclable making it a better choice for the environment


  • Dissolves quickly in water without leaving any residue

  • They are packaged in an easy-to-close bottle which makes them exceptionally easy to transport

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Laundry Capsules?

There is a very slight possibility of the capsule not dissolving but only if not used according to the instructions on the container. However, this doesn’t happen often so you shouldn’t worry about this at all.

How to Use OMO Laundry Capsules for the Best Results

  • Using clean dry hands, place the capsule into the drum first

  • Place your clothes into the machine making sure not to overload it

  • Select the appropriate wash cycle

  • Remove the washing and enjoy the lovely scent

Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your OMO Laundry Capsules

  • Start by reading the instructions on the container

  • Always place the laundry capsule in the drum first and then add the laundry

  • Do not overload the machine with laundry

  • Warm water is more effective than cold water

Choose OMO for all your laundry needs. OMO offers a wide range of detergents including washing powders, liquid detergent, hand washing powder, bleach and capsules for every kind of wash day needed.


What happens when laundry capsules are not dissolving?

If your capsules are placed on top of the laundry, they may get stuck within your clothing, causing them not to dissolve. Always place capsules in before the laundry.

How many capsules should I use?

One capsule is perfect for lightly soiled laundry; however, you can always add an extra capsule for a dirtier load.

Are laundry capsules effective?

Yes, they are very effective and great with stain removal.

What are the advantages of using laundry capsules over other detergents?

They are easy to transport. No mess, no fuss. Already pre-measured causing less waste

Can you use laundry capsules for handwashing?

It is not recommended as the capsules are highly concentrated and could cause skin allergies. Rather stick to OMO Liquid or Powder detergent.

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