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Bird-proofing your roof: how to keep pigeons away

Where you see a few, there are sure to be many more! Learn to keep pigeons away from your home today with our tips.


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Bird proofing your roof: how to keep pigeons away
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You hear the scratching, see the results of pesky visitors and wonder how to keep pigeons away from the roof? Stopping them from nesting is vital to avoid potential hygiene issues and damage to your home, but so is getting rid of them humanely. Let us show you how.

Tying a weather-proof string in strategic places across your roof can really help to keep pigeons away. If they can’t perch, they won’t roost, and will seek somewhere else to make their nests!

How to get rid of pigeons on my roof

If you’re wondering how to get rid of pigeons, or how to get rid of birds overall, there are a number of tricks you can try:

  • How to get rid of pigeons with water: sometimes, all you need is a quick squirt with a hose. It’s not going to hurt the pigeons but they don't particularly like it!

  • How to get rid of pigeons on the rooftops with sound: purchasing an ultrasonic bird repeller should shift any bothersome pigeons. These devices emit a disturbing noise that humans can’t hear but birds can.

  • How do you get rid of pigeons with decoys: installing a lightweight decoy, often a hawk silhouette is not only a good idea for preventing pigeons but it can also scare them off too. The presence of a potential predator should be enough to make them fly away.

How to deter pigeons from coming back

Getting rid of pigeons is one thing but figuring out how to keep birds away from rooftops is another. To prevent these feathered fiends from returning, learn how to deter pigeons with these suggestions:

  • Install shiny surfaces: when the sun hits reflective objects it can interfere with a pigeon’s vision and deter them from landing on your roof. You can try reflective tape, foil balloons, or just old CDs to put them off targeting your roof.

  • Use mesh to prevent nests: strategically placed mesh netting can work wonders too. Place it over popular landing areas and pigeons won’t want to perch or set up nests in those places. The harder you make it to roost the more likely birds are to go elsewhere.

  • Block entry points to your home: check your roof for gaps and points of entry in your loft space. Any that you find should be blocked off so that pigeons can’t find their way into a cosy area and start nesting.

Now that you know how to get rid of pigeons and birds humanely, you’ll be able to keep them away for the long run.

  • Do your best to scare pigeons away with water and deterrents such as ultrasonic repellents or lightweight decoys.

  • Never feed them. This will just encourage the birds to come back.

  • Make it difficult for pigeons to perch on your roof with mesh or weather-proof string.

  • Make your roof unappealing to birds with reflective materials.

  • Block any entry points to your roof to prevent nesting.

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