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Garage storage checklist: how to keep your garage tidy and organised

Useful garage design ideas can keep space clear. Find out how to improve your garage organisation.


Garage storage checklist: how to keep your garage tidy and organised

Have you got a lot of extra space in your garage? Rather than fill it with things that you’re not using, you can declutter garage space and make much better use of it. Our garage design ideas make it easy for you to get organised. If you’re looking for a winning garage storage solution, we’re here to help!

Keep the items you’re storing in your garage in transparent boxes. This is one of the best garage storage ideas, making it easier for you to find what you need!

Garage organisation ideas: how to keep your external storage space tidy

Clever garage storage is all about keeping everything in order and making it easy to access what you need. Here are some of the best garage storage ideas:

  1. Declutter: garage organisation is all about streamlining so that you don’t end up with a mess. If you’ve got garage storage you need to keep it free of clutter so it is still functional. Once a year it’s a good idea to have a big clear out – everything from checking boxes to see what’s actually being used to creating space by cleaning out a garage cupboard. Ideas like these will make your ongoing garage organisation a whole lot easier.

  2. Use transparent boxes for storage: sometimes the best garage ideas are the simplest ones. By choosing to store your tools and items in clear boxes you’ll be able to see what you need quickly, which is a big part of effective garage organisation. Chuck the cardboard boxes in the recycling and replace them with transparent boxes that make it easier for you to find things. Rather than having to rummage around you’ll be able to go straight to the box that has whatever you need in it. Even better, you'll easily see when thing are starting to get messy again!

  3. Give each family member with their own space: designating space to family members is one of the best garage design ideas. Mark a space for each family member and create well-defined boundaries. If everyone has responsibility for their own area, effective garage storage becomes a lot easier (and finding items you need does too!)

Garage storage is a real bonus if you use it the right way. Regularly decluttering and cleaning surfaces with a quality product, like Handy Andy, will help keep the space clean and tidy. You’ll also be able to get to what you need when you need it. Use our garage storage ideas to make better use of your space.

  • Choose transparent storage boxes to protect your belongings and improve garage organisation.

  • Declutter and clean regularly – garages quickly become dirty and full of stuff, so keep yours organised by getting rid of items you’re not using.

  • Create designated areas for each family member to avoid arguments.

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