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How to get rid of cats in your yard

Reclaim your garden from feline invaders with our tips on keeping cats out of your yard.


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a grey cat in a green garden

Key steps:

  1. Use scents cats hate such as peppermint and citrus.

  2. Plant flowers that are known to deter felines such as lavender.

  3. Get rid of unwanted cats with a motion-activated sprinkler.

From knocking over pots to digging up your flower beds, an uninvited cat in your yard can be a bit of a pest! Even for cat lovers, these furry friends can become more annoying than adorable when they’re constantly spoiling your outdoor space. But, how do you keep them away without hurting them or causing arguments with neighbours? Let's find out.

Wondering how to get rid of cats in your yard? Cover sandboxes, remove bird feeders, and get rid of cat perches for a garden that’s less feline-friendly.

How to keep cats away from your garden using fences

For anyone wondering “how to keep cats out of my garden?”, the first place to start is by installing proper fencing or walls.

  • Any small gaps beneath the fencing or holes in the wall will make your garden far easier for cats to get into.

  • Cats can scale small heights very easily so install tall walls or fences where possible. 

  • If you want to deter felines from walking on your fence, try sticking a little double-sided tape to it as cats will hate the feeling.

How to get rid of cats in a yard

If fences aren’t doing the trick and cats are still visiting your yard, you need to learn how to make sure they don't stick around for too long.

  • Invest in motion activated sprinklers. Most cats hate water so they'll soon learn to keep clear.

  • Try battery-operated deterrents that emit a high-frequency sound which cats hate and humans can't hear.

  • Spray areas that cats like to visit with a 1:1 solution of apple cider vinegar and water.

How to keep cats out of your yard naturally

Prevention is always better than cure - learn how to keep cats away from your garden in the first place with natural cat repellents.

  • Peppermint oil. Mix 1 part oil with 3 parts water in a spray bottle and apply to cat hotspots around your yard.

  • Orange peel. The citrus scent can keep cats away so place leftover peel around your garden.

  • Cat-repelling plants. Coleus canina, lavender, and pennyroyal are all great for keeping cats away but it's important to only choose plants that deter cats, not harm them. Speak to your local florist or gardeners for advice.

Whether you’re testing out methods for how to keep stray cats out of your yard or have an over-friendly neighbour’s cat who loves to dig up your garden, test out these methods to find the ones that work for you. Remember, these tips aren't just for animal-free households: even those who have just bought home a new kitten can benefit from learning how to stop their new family member destroying the yard!

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