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Spice up your life with these homemade herb garden ideas

Learn about how to grow your own herbs at home - in the garden, in a window box and indoors.


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Herbs can make a meal truly delicious, and they’re actually really easy to grow. Whether you have a big garden, a small space, or no outdoor area at all, you can grow a herb garden at home. Check out our herb garden ideas and use our top tips to make your own.

Use quality containers and soil. After all, your herb garden will only ever be as good as the environment that you decide to grow it in!

Herb garden ideas

Herb gardening for beginners is quite straightforward when you follow the right advice. We’ll show you how to make a herb garden outdoors, in a window box, and inside your home. 

1.     Starting a herb garden outdoors

If you’ve got the space in your garden to have a designated DIY herb garden, that’s great! Here are some top tips on how to grow your own herbs outdoors:

  • Choose an area that gets plenty of sun and light.

  • Rake the soil – and remove any stones.

  • Gently remove herbs from their trays and plant in the soil so that the tops of the roots are just below the soil level.

  • Pat in the soil to create a firm fix.

  • Water straight away.

If you don’t have the space or right type of garden to dig in your own herb garden, there are plenty of other options available. For example, you could buy a garden box or trough and plant herbs to grow on your patio. Alternatively, you can look at window boxes or choose herbs to grow at home that will flourish indoors.

2.     How to plant herbs in a window box

Window boxes make great homes for a herb garden. As long as you follow a few simple guidelines you should see the fruits of your labour fairly quickly:

  • Buy containers with good drainage.

  • Choose quality and lightweight soil – a product that’s fast draining will help stop your window box becoming too heavy.

  • Don’t pack herbs in too tight – give them room to flourish.

  • Keep using them – herbs actually benefit from being snipped and cutting them can actually encourage further growth.

3.     How to grow herbs indoors

Growing herbs indoors can work really well as long as you choose the right herbs and follow a few basic rules. Some of the easiest herbs to grow indoors are: basil, dill, chives, bay leaf, parsley, rosemary, and thyme.

  • Plat your herbs in separate pots.

  • Keep them away from intense heat or cold – a temperature of 15-21⁰C is ideal.

  • Don’t overwater – indoor herbs will be just fine if you let them go a little dry. Water them slowly, and no more than three times a week.

  • Give your herbs plenty of air – don’t stuff them in a small space.

  • As with window boxes, regular snipping will help keep your indoor DIY herb garden healthy.

  • Wear an apron when potting your herbs, as things can get messy. Don’t worry too much, though – a detergent like OMO will get your clothes clean again!

Once you know how to grow your own herbs making it happen is easy, and so rewarding! Use our easy-to-follow tips and herb garden ideas and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards to use in your food and drink. Have fun putting your herb garden together and enjoy the resulting crop.

  • Carefully select the area to grow your herb garden.

  • Use quality soil and containers.

  • Treat them with love – follow watering guidelines etc.

  • Snip regularly to maintain good plant health.

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