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You’ll love these eco-friendly bathroom cleaning ideas

Get your bathroom clean and sparkling the all-natural way with our favourite eco-friendly cleaning tips.


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By Cleanipedia Team

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Cleaning the bathroom is probably the least glamorous task on your weekly to-do list – and harsh chemical smells can make it even less appealing. But before you put it off again, have you thought about trying all-natural products? Here’s how you can clean every part of the bathroom using eco-friendly products.

It’s all about vinegar

Vinegar is your go-to natural product when cleaning the bathroom. Use it to create a spray with water (a 50-50 ratio is perfect) to tackle soap scum and general grime, as well as to buff your mirrors. It also works with tiles, cabinets and when cleaning a bathroom sink. Not sure how to clean a bath? Surprise, surprise: get that vinegar spray out again.

You can even remove black mould in the bathroom with vinegar. Use neat, white, distilled vinegar, pop it into a spray bottle and spray onto the mouldy surface. Leave for an hour then rinse with water and your shower or other mouldy areas should be clean again.

If you’re also wondering how best to clean a bathroom floor, there are no prizes for guessing what your key ingredient is: mix about 100ml of vinegar for every 1.5 litres of hot water. And mop!

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Bonus tip: If you don’t fancy the smell of vinegar in your bathroom, you can add other scents – a couple of drops of a natural oil like lavender, orange or tea tree can go into the vinegar mixture.

Get your toilet and grout sparkling clean with baking soda

Joining vinegar on the eco-cleaning stage is our trusty friend baking soda. To get your stained toilet sparkling clean and smelling fresh, sprinkle baking soda around the inside of the toilet and put a cup of white vinegar into the water. The two react as you scrub with a toilet brush, removing stains and any whiffy smells.

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And if you’ve finally decided to get rid of those grout stains, you don’t need to use anything harsh. Simply make a runny paste with baking soda and water and gently scrub with a toothbrush.

Your drains can also be cleaned using natural products. Just pour 75g of baking soda into the plughole followed by 250ml of vinegar.


Lemons aren’t just for the kitchen

If you’ve got a fresh lemon handy, that’s another great way to remove soap scum from tiles and shower screens – and it leaves a nicer smell than vinegar. Simply cut it in half, rub over the tiles and rinse off.

Still got half a lemon left to use? Get rid of any annoying rust stains (in our experience, shaving foam cans in the shower are often the culprit here) by using the cut lemon to rub over them, and they should start to come off.

Now you’ve got a shiny and clean bathroom, why not make the most of it by preparing your own home spa?

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