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The benefits of father-baby bonding in the first trimester

Becoming a new dad is exciting so we're sharing top tips for father-baby bonding with your newborn.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Becoming a new dad is exciting whether you're a first-time dad or have other children. However, it is not unusual for mums to spend more time bonding with newborn babies. Studies have shown father-baby bonding is just as important so here we'll share top tips for how to help baby bond with dad in those early days.

It is common for midwives to advise new mums to do “skin-to-skin” time with their newborn, and this is a great bonding technique for dad and baby too.

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Three benefits of father-baby bonding

Every new dad should be encouraged to bond with their newborn. Here are three reasons why father-baby bonding is good for both dad and baby:

  • The act of dads bonding with their child from an early age has been shown to boost a child’s physical and mental development.
  • Bonding with their newborn will increase the confidence a new dad has in caring for their child.
  • Father-baby bonding can result in children having better social interactions with their peers as they get older.

Four tips for taking care of a newborn

When it comes to coping with a newborn, nobody is perfect, but here are four easy ways every new dad can enjoy bonding with newborn members of their family.

  1. Bath time with baby There are plenty of products on the market to make bath time safe and enjoyable for both parent and baby, but nothing beats simple, plain water and a parent’s touch. We recommend gently massaging the warm water into your baby’s skin.
  2. Reading bedtime stories We’re all aware of the recommendations of reading to and speaking to your baby whilst they are still in the womb, and this is still a great way to bond once your baby enters the world. Although they may not understand the words, reading a bedtime story to your newborn is a wonderful way to bond with them through the comfort of listening to a recognisable voice.
  3. Singing bedtime lullabies In the same way reading a bedtime story is comforting to your baby as they listen to the sound of your voice, so too is singing them a lullaby.  Even if you think you can’t sing a note in tune, your baby will not care! You can often calm a crying, inconsolable newborn with a few notes of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or other nursery rhymes we all learnt as children.
  4. Dressing baby complete with plenty of snuggles After washing your newborn’s clothing in soft, baby safe products like Persil and Comfort Pure, wrap your baby up and give them plenty of cuddles. Nothing beats a cuddle for bonding with your baby, and you can soak up that new baby smell mixed with freshly washed clothing.

Now you  know how to help baby bond with dad and have some great tips for father-baby bonding as well as useful steps for taking care of a newborn, you can be sure to have the best bonding experience with your baby.

  • Give your baby plenty of snuggles, whether skin to skin or once they’re dressed in freshly laundered clothing using baby safe products like Persil Non Bio and Comfort Pure.
  • Get your baby into a routine, bonding with them through bath time, bedtime stories and finally a good, old fashioned lullaby. When coping with a newborn anything that makes you life a little easier is going to be of benefit!
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