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Flying with a baby: travel essentials to pack

Travelling with a baby on plane can be stressful, but there are some simple things you can do to prepare in advance. Read our top tips for everything you need to know.


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By Cleanipedia Team

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Going on holiday with your child for the first time is exciting, but if you’re going long haul you might be worried about flying with a baby. Travelling with an infant or toddler can seem a bit intimidating, but it’s by no means impossible. Here’s how to prepare for a flight with your little one and everything you need to ensure flying with an infant goes off without a hitch.

Keep some handy travel wipes to hand in case of any spillages.

Travelling with a baby on a plane: things to plan in advance

  • Remember that babies generally have to be 2 weeks old before they fly.

  • They need their own passport and this can take at least three weeks to arrive, and sometimes much longer, so apply for it in good time.

  • If your little one is eating solids, snacks are absolutely essential for drama-free travelling with a toddler on a plane. Pack more than you think you’ll need and use as distraction when required.

  • If you get a choice of seating, opt for the aisle. This will give you easy access if you need to go for a walk or pop to the toilet, which might happen quite a lot when you’re flying with an infant.

  • Build in time for delays. As any regular traveller knows, it’s very common for flights to be delayed. Make sure you have supplies to cover you in case this happens.

Travelling with a toddler on a plane: some essential cleaning supplies

As every parent knows, mess is inevitable and this is very much the case when travelling. Be sure to pack some important cleaning supplies to keep yourself fresh and ready to go whatever happens:

  1. Cleansing wipes. These all purpose wipes will eradicate mess whatever happens and wherever you are. Try Simple’s biodegradeable wipes for an effective clean and planet-friendly alternative.

  2. Spare clothing. When packing, ensure you put some spare clothing for both parent and baby in your carry-on luggage. No one wants to be sitting in any kind of baby mess for a 12 hour flight!

  3. Hand sanitiser. If your baby or toddler is at the stage where they’ll put pretty much anything in their mouth then a carry around bottle of hand sanitizer to at least give your surroundings a quick clean before they have a chance to eat it!

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It might seem daunting at first, but when you’ve travelled with a baby once it’ll feel much more doable. With the right supplies and a can-do attitude, you’ll breeze through the travelling to enjoy the reward: quality time with your family in a new destination.

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