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Indoors fun: How to make a fort with blankets and pillows

Scroll down to find out how to make the best fort inside your home to help keep your family entertained for hours.


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By Cleanipedia Team

Bed fout with orange pillows
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Key Steps

  • Make sure you build a fort which is safe. Ensure there’s an escape route with doors and windows easily accessible.

  • Use whatever you have around the house from chairs to bed and blankets to pillows.

  • Don’t forget to pop books, drinks and snacks inside the fort to enjoy whilst inside!

Helping to build a fort is great for your child's imagination. Here we’ll share top tips for how to make a fort inside using things you already have in your home. We’ll also provide ideas for how you can safety-proof it too.

Safety Warning

When you build a fort indoors, it’s normal to want to get the full indoor camping experience. Use torches or battery-powered candles to create authentic lighting and surround yourself with soft blankets for extra comfort.

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How to make a den inside: 2 simple ideas

Building a pillow or blanket fort

If you’re wondering how to make a blanket fort or pillow fort there are some easy steps for you to follow.

  1. To prevent your fort from caving in, use lighter blankets or bed sheets to create the fort roof. Stretch them over the back of two chairs, creating a space below for the fort.

  2. Sofa and armchair cushions make great walls for your new fort. They tend to be stiffer than pillows which helps your structure to stay upright.

  3. Finally add soft cushions, pillows and blankets to the floor for a comfy, cosy spot to hide out and relax.

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Building a bed fort

Whilst a bed fort is easiest to make on bunk beds, that doesn’t mean you can’t make one using other types of bed too!

  1. If you’re using a bunk bed, hang blankets on all four sides, from the top bunk. Use heavier objects such as books or toys to hold them in place.

  2. Then bottom bunk can then become your fort. Fill it with cushions, pillows and blankets to create a comfy space inside.

  3. Alternatively for other bed types you will need to hang a sheet or blanket from the bed to another piece of furniture such as a desk chair.

  4. In the same way as building a blanket fort use cushions and blankets to make the floor beneath your ‘roof’ more comfortable.

Once you have built the fort of your choice, all you need to do is add favourite books and snacks and your den is ready. Once all the fun is over, here's how to clean the bedding used!

Top safety tips for when you build a fort

There will always be some safety considerations to keep in mind when building the fort. Some of the key considerations are:

  • Allow plenty of ventilation near an open window on hot days.

  • Don’t bring in open flames. Open flames are a fire risk. Instead use torches or battery-operated candles.

  • Always have an escape route. No matter how safe you think your children are it is important that your fort does not block doorways or windows that could be used as an escape route in an emergency.

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