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How to make cleaning fun

Cleaning can be fun with a bit of creative thinking and team work! Check out our top five ways to make cleaning fun for the whole family.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key steps

  1. Be creative and think of fun cleaning games to get the whole family involved in
  2. Match the cleaning fun to your kids’ interests
  3. Give them small rewards as they go along
Get the kids involved in thinking of fun ways to clean your house. They’re much more likely to enjoy plans they’ve helped to make!

How to have fun cleaning with kids

1. Blast the music — Whether you’re a kid or an adult, nothing gets you moving like some upbeat music. Queue up your favourite tunes, blast them through the house, and the whole family will be bopping in no time as you tidy, mop, and sweep. You can even use music as encouragement: once they’ve cleaned up their bedroom, you can put on their favourite album and they can sing along as you all clean the lounge.

2. Give them timed challenges — One way to make cleaning fun is to turn it into a mission: can they pick up all the toys from the floor in 10 minutes? Can they sort the laundry in five minutes? Setting the clock ticking not only adds a sense of adventure for your kids, but it also makes house-cleaning more efficient! Just make sure that the tasks you set aren’t ones that really need time spent on them.

3. Set up a rewards system — For example, you can all enjoy an ice cream or a showing of their favourite film if they tidy their room and mop the floor within an hour. You don’t want to spoil them, but at the same time, you’ll want them to learn that diligence and tidiness can be rewarded with something fun.

4. Turn cleaning into a relay or game — Divide your family into teams that compete with each other: one team does the mopping and vacuuming, the other does the dishes and the tidying, for example. Write a list of cleaning tasks on a piece of card, and tag-team, so that the card is passed back and forth and the cleaning tasks are ticked off. You’ll build camaraderie, have a laugh, and the winning team can be given a prize. Making it competitive will also ensure that the fun cleaning gets done quickly

5. Hide small surprise gifts around the house — On cleaning day, hide small gifts around the house and tell your kids that they’ll find these surprises as they clean. Coins, sweets, little toys – any small, inexpensive gifts will work, but the excitement of discovering them will make cleaning fun for your kids. Alternatively, you can hide tokens or poker chips, with each token found giving them points towards a special gift.

These are just five ideas for making cleaning fun; for more inspiration, try this article. With enough creativity, you can play to your kids’ interests – invent something fun and unique that’s just for your family. You’ll be able to transform cleaning into an activity that’s energetic and playful – and something that your kids will actually look forward to!

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