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How to remove clay stains from clothes

Find out how to remove clay from clothes so no stains are left behind.


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By Cleanipedia Team

how to remove red clay stains from clothes , fabrics
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  • When it comes to how to get clay out of clothes, detergents are great for pre-treating the stain before washing.

  • Vinegar and salt can lift stubborn clay stains from clothes.

  • A diluted vinegar mixture is great for removing clay stains from un-washable fabrics.

Wondering how to remove clay stain marks when you’ve got a lot of clay still caked on your clothes? Let the clay dry and then crumble it and brush it off; you’ll have much less of a stain to pre-treat afterwards.

Wondering how to remove clay stains after a fun day of outdoor adventures with the kids? Learning how to remove clay stains from clothing is easier than you think, and whilst they may look bad, the look is often worse than the stain really is. Here you will find all the tips you need and what works as a clay stain remover, so you can focus on having fun with your little ones!

How to get red clay stains out of white clothes

These tips will help you understand how to remove red clay stains from your clothes, in particular white clothes on which the clay will be more noticeable.

  1. Rub detergent into the clay stain until it is completely covered.

  2. Leave it overnight.

  3. Use an old toothbrush to scrub at the stain gently lifting it from your clothing.

  4. Wash your clothes as normal.

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If you can still see the stain, follow these steps:

  1. Scrub at the stain using equal parts washing up liquid and water.

  2. Leaving it for two or three hours.

  3. Wash your clothes as normal.

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If you have really stubborn clay stains you could try using the following steps:

  1. Make a paste with washing power and ammonia.

  2. Cover the stain with the paste

  3. Leave the paste to sit for ten to fifteen minutes.

  4. Wash your clothes as normal.

Finally if you notice that the clay stain is still not completely removed follow these steps:

  1. Mix one cup of white vinegar and three tablespoons of salt.

  2. Spread the mixture over the clay stain.

  3. Leave the mixture for about an hour.

  4. Rinse off the mixture using cold water.

  5. Wash your clothes as normal.

How to remove clay stains from other fabrics

If you see that the clay is not just on your clothes but also on your floor or other fabrics that cannot be washed in the washing machine, follow these steps to clean it up:

  1. Brush the stain with a hard-bristled brush to get as much off the carpet as possible.

  2. Vacuum the area thoroughly.

  3. Mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water.

  4. Blot at the stain using your mixture and a clean cloth.

  5. Rinse using a sponge and clean, plain water.

  6. If your homemade mixture doesn’t fully clean up the stain, don’t be afraid to call in professional carpet cleaners.

Now you have all the tips and tricks you need for how to get clay stains out of clothes, you can be sure that no matter what your activities you are undertaking that involve clay, you will never have to worry about stains being left behind.

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