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How to set up a kids' bedroom: ideas for keeping it clean and tidy

Here, we’ll share kids’ bedroom ideas to help your children keep their space tidy and easy to access.


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By Cleanipedia Team

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It can feel impossible to clean the kids' rooms when there are books, toys, and clothes strewn about the floor. Here we’ll share some kids’ bedroom ideas to help ensure that your children keep their own space tidy and easy to access. We’ll also go through some top tips for making your kids’ bedroom storage fun and functional.

Make sure your children's bedroom storage is easily accessible to allow your children to take responsibility for keeping their own space clean and tidy, reducing your own work load.

Four top children's bedroom decor ideas

When it comes to kids’ bedroom decor you want to try and make sure that the space is both fun and functional. After all, their room will switch from a playroom to a place to sleep on a daily basis. Here are five kids’ room ideas that will ensure you create the perfect space.

  • Create a theme. Choosing kids’ bedroom colours should take into consideration two things:

  1. Do you have a theme in mind?

  2. Does it create a calming environment at bedtime?

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Take a bit of time to consider a theme for your children’s bedroom. Ideas such as under the sea, princesses or outer space can be both fun and calming. A mural wall is a great feature while artwork, canvases, borders, wallpaper and paint are colourful and fun kids’ bedroom ideas.

  • Hang homemade art. You’re bound to have countless pieces of your children’s artwork which they create at home and at school. Put up some string with small pegs where they can proudly display their art, keeping it tidy and organised.

  • Make a quiet corner. Wind down time before bed, once their room is tidy, is a great start to any bedtime routine. Use bean bags or giant cushions and set up a corner where your children can read a book and calm down ready for bed.

  • Add a fun rug. If you invest in a rug they love, your children are more likely to want to keep their room clean and tidy so that they can see and enjoy it.

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Top tips for choosing children's bedroom storage

When choosing kids’ bedroom storage, there are four tips which will help the space stay organised.

  1. Use bright, fun storage. If you want your children to use the storage, make it fun for them to do so. Add brightly coloured boxes or shelving in fun shapes.

  2. Put hooks and shelves on the walls. Decorative and colourful walls can still be functional. Put up hooks for aprons and shelves for books.

  3. Encourage quick clean up. Drawers and boxes which need to be put away aren’t quick and easy for children to use. Open storage pots and shelving allows your kids to quickly pop their toys and books away at bedtime.

  4. Utilise the space under the bed. Once you hit bedtime, it is great to be able to ‘hide’ the storage and under the bed is the perfect spot to do so.

With these children's bedroom ideas for decorating and for keeping toys and books organised, it should be easier to clean. Use our tips to encourage your children to keep their own space tidy, with a fun, functional space for them to enjoy.

Key Steps

  • Decorate the room in a fun yet functional way so that your children are likely to want to keep it clean and tidy.

  • Encourage your children to take responsibility for their own space with open storage ideas.

  • Utilise the under-bed space to ‘hide’ storage boxes when it’s time for bed.

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