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How to sleep during pregnancy? Tips on best sleeping positions for expecting mums

Sleeping during pregnancy can be tough. Read our tips and see if you can find the best sleeping position during pregnancy.


By Cleanipedia Team

sleeping during pregnancy

It’s not surprising that as your bump grows bigger, sleeping becomes more difficult. A lot of mums-to-be struggle to get a good night’s sleep as their pregnancy progresses, and certain positions can actually be less safe for your baby as they grow and develop in your stomach.

To keep your little one safe and increase your chances of getting a proper night’s rest, find out how you should be sleeping during pregnancy.

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Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

If you’re wondering how to sleep during pregnancy in a way that benefits you and your baby, some health professionals recommend sleeping on the left side as your best option. It’s thought that this can help to increase blood flow and nutrients to the placenta – and therefore to your little one – helping your pregnancy to run smoothly.

Some other tips on sleeping during pregnancy include:

  • Keeping your legs bent at the knees with a pillow between them
  • Placing a pillow beneath your abdomen – particularly for those with back pain
  • Elevating your upper body – great if you’re experiencing heartburn

Can I sleep on my back while pregnant?

A lot of women wonder: “can I sleep on my back while pregnant”. The simple answer is no. Sleeping on your back may result in back problems, lowered blood pressure and problems with your digestive system. It definitely isn’t the best sleeping position during pregnancy.

If you want to avoid trouble sleeping while pregnant, you should also steer clear of sleeping on your stomach, particularly later on in your pregnancy. Your bump might make this very uncomfortable and sleeping on your side is much better for your baby.

Tips for a better night’s sleep

If you’re really struggling to sleep during pregnancy, here are some tips you can try out:

  • Relax with a bath infused with lavender oil before bed or use some in an oil burner
  • Wash your sheets regularly to keep them soft and inviting
  • Invest in a better pillow and mattress that offers more support
  • Switch off your phone, TV, and digital devices at least an hour before bedtime
  • Exercise more during the day and avoid daytime naps if you can

If you have trouble sleeping while pregnant due to heartburn, try sleeping in a more upright position and avoid foods that can trigger indigestion like citrus fruits

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