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How to store and use cleaning products safely: general storage advice for cleaning products

Ever wondered where cleaning chemicals should be stored? Read our guide on how to store cleaning products safely for handy tips.


How to store cleaning products safely

Key steps

  1. Always read the labels on cleaning products.
  2. Use their original containers.
  3. Keep them locked away and out of reach of little ones. 

So the house is clean, all of your cleaning products did the trick, and it’s time to put them away until next time (which always comes too soon!). Where do you store your supplies? Under the sink? In the bathroom cabinet? The garage, perhaps? Before you tuck them away, take a few minutes to review the best techniques for cleaning product storage.

The products we use contain chemicals and, while they’re safe to use in the appropriate way, sometimes we forget it is just as important to store them correctly. This article will give you some top tips on how to store cleaning products.

Keep cleaning products in a space that’s cool, clean, and dry.

Cleaning product storage made simple

Information on the proper storage of cleaning products (especially laundry detergent storage) is always a topic worth researching, especially if you have young children or pets in your home. The key steps to remember are as follows:

  • Read the recommended storage instructions on the label. We promise the brand knows their products best!
  • Close the product properly after use.
  • In general, keep products on a shelf high enough that a child or pets couldn’t reach, but you can. You shouldn’t have to risk the container falling on you when you need them next.
  • Consider installing a child safety latch regardless of shelf height.
  • Keep all products in their original container.
  • If you store your products in an open space (such as the garage), secure them in a box or shelf under lock and key. You never know what kids will discover when they’re playing!
  • Ensure any storage space you choose is cool, clean, and dry.

How to store….

  • Bleach – If you find yourself researching how to store bleach in particular, you will note that it is especially important to ensure the container is sealed and clean. You should never be able to smell a product while it‘s in storage.
  • Fabric Conditioner – This product is especially prone to thickening when it’s stored in very hot or cold temperatures – not ideal! Be sure to not only read, but also heed the instructions on the product to ensure you are able to make use of it! Even consistently great products like Comfort need proper storage treatment for best results.
  • Laundry Detergent – Detergent comes in a variety of containers in the form of plastic bottles, boxes, and cardboard alike. The container the product came in has taken a number of elements into consideration so you don’t have to! For example, you can take a look at the various containers Surf comes in and you’ll realise that none of them are see-through! While the design of these products may not exactly match your laundry room aesthetic, it is never a good idea to transfer the product into a more ‘stylish’ container like a glass jar or jug. Always keep your washing powder in its original box.
  • Dishwasher Tablets – It’s natural to keep dishwasher tablets very near to the dishwasher. This usually results in an under-the-sink number, which is good because this area meets the suggested storage environment i.e. cool and dry (assuming you have trustworthy pipes under there!). On the other hand, this low area is a prime place for children and pets to explore, so install a latch and take any other precautions necessary to keep them safe.

Don’t forget…

The next time you take your products out of your cool, clean, and dry storage, remember to protect yourself as well as you protect your children and pets from these products. Follow the instructions on the label, take precautions, and stay alert when children, pets, and cleaning products are involved.


Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

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