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The last weeks before birth: your guide to flying, preparing and exercising during pregnancy

From answering ‘is it safe to fly when pregnant’ to looking at exercise during pregnancy, these third trimester tips will help you get ready for baby.


By Cleanipedia Team

exercise during pregnancy

The last weeks of your pregnancy are some of the most exciting, exhausting, and emotional of your life. After months and months of waiting, your due date is fast approaching and your little one is almost here … but there are still things to do! From advice on exercise for pregnant women to answers to common questions like ‘is it safe to fly while pregnant’, this guide can help.

Prepare your home for baby by washing all your newborn bedding and clothes with a gentle detergent and fabric conditioner such as Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure.

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Preparing your home and yourself

A lot of advice for pregnant women centres around what they can do to get their home ready for baby – but that’s only half the picture. You also need to prepare yourself for your new arrival and that means learning what you can expect in labour and how to manage your last few weeks of pregnancy. We’ve answered some common FAQs to get started.

Can I exercise while pregnant?

Yes, absolutely! Exercise for pregnant women is a great way to help relieve discomfort and keep the body healthy and fit. But you do have to be careful. Any exercise during pregnancy, particularly in the weeks leading up to your due date, needs to be carefully managed.

  • TRY: slow-paced, low-impact sports such as yoga or light walking
  • AVOID: any activity that involves balance, such as cycling or roller skating

Remember: always consult a doctor before undertaking any activity during pregnancy to make sure it is safe. Work with a professional trainer when exercising to avoid injury.

Is it safe to fly when pregnant?

When asking the question ‘can I fly when pregnant’, what’s your main concern? A number of women believe that being in the air could pose a risk to their baby, but this is not necessarily the case. Most airlines don’t allow heavily pregnant women to fly with them due to the risk of you going into labour whilst on board which could obviously impact baby’s health.

 The cut-off is usually around 32-37 weeks but you’ll need to check with your airline.

How can I get a good night’s sleep?

Many women in their third trimester find it very difficult to get comfortable, and that can lead to disrupted sleep. Take steps to address the source of these issues to help you feel well-rested – after all, you’re going to need all your energy once your little one arrives!

  • FOR CRAMPS: drink water and stretch regularly. Take a glass of water to bed with you and give your legs a good stretch before getting under the covers.
  • FOR DISCOMFORT: try sleeping on your side, with pillows propped between your legs. You may even find sleeper in a more upright position helps.
  • FOR HEARTBURN: sleep with your chest elevated and avoid ingredients that trigger indigestion like caffeine, alcohol and citrus fruits.

What should I do to my home to prepare for baby?

Alongside knowing the answers to questions such as ‘can I exercise while pregnant?’ and ‘is it safe to fly when pregnant?’, you should also be preparing your home for the arrival of your little one.

First, create a safe place for your baby to sleep by washing all their clothing and bedding. Then, make space for different activities like playing and changing as well as ensuring you have enough storage space. Finally, make sure you have a decent supply of all these staples:

  • Nappies and changing mat
  • Clothes – newborn size and 0-3 months
  • Bibs, cotton blankets and muslin cloths
  • Feeding equipment such as a nursing pillow, breast pump, baby bottles and milk formula
  • Bathing products including baby wipes, baby shampoo, and nappy cream
  • Gentle detergents like Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure

And there you have it! Now that you’ve asked ‘is it safe to fly while pregnant’ and know how to approach sleep and exercise during pregnancy, it’s time to sit back, relax, and get excited to meet your new child!

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