How to remove baby poop stains from clothes

Learn how to get poop stains out of baby clothes with this handy guide.


How to get baby poop out of clothes
  • Read the clothing label to understand how best to wash the garment
  • Rinse or soak the affected item in cold water
  • Pre-treat the stained area to help get baby poop stains out
  • Wash as normal with a trusted detergent like Persil Non-Bio
  • Dry naturally, ideally in natural sunlight for a gentle bleaching effect
  • Get baby poop stains out of clothes by washing with a gentle but powerful detergent. After washing, leave clothes to dry in direct sunlight for a natural bleaching effect.

    Do you need a bit of help knowing how to get baby poop out of clothes? Are you wondering how to remove poop stains from baby clothes or have the stains ended up on your own clothing? Every new parents finds themselves wondering how to remove baby poop stains at some point – and this guide is here to help! Let’s get started.

    How to get rid of baby poop stains: 5 steps

    Step 1: Read the label, and if you need to, patch test

    The first step of learning how to get baby poop stains out is always to read the label on the garment. It’s important to know the recommendations for washing the clothing but If the fabric is unusual or fragile then it may be worth doing a quick patch test too.

    Step 2: Rinse, rinse, rinse

    Once you’ve checked the washing guidelines, the next thing to do is rinse the item in cold water. Recommendations vary for how long to do so but the longer the poop stain has been there, the longer it’ll need to soak. The best way to do this is under running water as pressure from the tap helps remove stain particles. Always soak in cold water as hotter temperatures risk baking the stain into the fabric further which is definitely not something you want when trying to get baby poop stains out.

    Step 3: Pre-treat with detergent

    After soaking, remove the item and dab a small amount of detergent onto the area. If you’re working out how to remove poop stains from baby clothes in particular Persil Non-Bio is a good option as its formula is ideal for sensitive baby skin.

    Step 4: Machine wash the item when removing baby poop stains from clothes

    As long as the label doesn’t advise otherwise, it’s important to machine wash your clothes after pre-treating the stain. Use the highest temperature permitted as this will help eradicate bacteria and don’t let the clothing dry after washing if any of the stain still remains – just keep repeating steps 2-4 until it’s all gone.

    Remember: If you need to know how to get poop stains out of baby clothes rather than your own clothes then there are some extra tips to follow. Only use gentle fabric softeners like Comfort Pure on items such as babygrows but never on cloth nappies as it can make them less absorbent.

    Step 5: Dry in natural sunlight wherever possible

    Sunlight is one of the best natural stain removers. Once washed, if the weather is good, place items outside to dry naturally. In cooler temperatures dry inside near a window with direct sunlight.

    And that’s it! With our top tips for how to get baby poop out of clothes, laundry will be one less thing you have to worry about in your first few weeks as a parent.

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