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Your ultimate newborn baby essentials checklist

Keep track of everything you need for the new arrival with these essential baby items. Read on for some tips and a list of things you need for a new baby.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting feelings – there’s really nothing like it. If you’ve got pre-newborn nerves, don’t worry about it; everyone goes through the same thing. To help you feel a little more prepared for your joyful arrival, we’ve put together the ultimate newborn baby and new mum essentials list to help you plan and purchase everything you need.

Don’t forget to include a baby-safe laundry detergent like Persil Non-Bio, and a fabric softener like Comfort Pure to keep your items soft and smooth wash after wash.

What do I need for a new baby?

When you’re figuring out what you need for a new baby, it’s helpful to break it down and think of the different parts of your day (and night!). Let’s go through your new baby shopping list.

Making the bed

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First things first, you’re going to want to make a comfy, safe place that your little one can sleep in:

  • Get a Moses basket or crib for them (making sure it follows all the safety requirements)

  • A mobile is a nice addition to your cot (and may help the baby go to sleep)

  • Many parents swear by a baby monitor for safety and a little music box to help your little one get to sleep

  • Don't forget crib sheets and cellular blankets. Remember to wash bedding with baby-safe laundry detergents and fabric softeners, like Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure. This will ensure your baby stays healthy and protected while sleeping

  • Scratch mitts are also essential for some babies to stop them scratching themselves in their sleep as well as during the day

On the go

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When it comes to essential baby items for on the move, there are a number of things you’ll need to include in your baby’s essentials list:

  • Changing mat

  • Plenty of nappies and nappy bags

  • Gentle baby wipes

  • Muslins for wiping up spills or sick

  • Extra outfits for any little accidents

  • A big enough baby bag for all of the above

  • You should also invest in a great pram to keep your baby comfortable and safe when you’re on the move

  • Make sure you buy an appropriate car seat for any trips out on the road

Bath time

When it comes to things you need for a newborn, don't forget the bathing supplies. You should have a number of things ready for when you bring your little one home, including:

  • A baby bath

  • Gentle wash (one for sensitive skin is always a good option)

  • Soft, cotton towels. When washing your baby towels use kind-on-skin products, like Persil Non-Bio laundry detergent, and a hypoallergenic fabric softener to keep them soft wash after wash, like Comfort Pure. This will avoid irritating your baby’s incredibly delicate skin after bathing

  • You'll probably just use soft cotton balls and water before your baby is ready for their first bath

What do I need for a new baby’s feeding time?

  • If your baby is going to be bottle fed, be sure to stock up on a formula milk brand specifically dedicated to newborns

  • If you’re opting for breast milk, it’s a good idea to have a breast pump and breast pads if you want to express

  • Bottles and teats

  • You should also make sure you have plenty of bibs and muslins at the ready

Most essential things a newborn baby needs can be found easily – just make sure you have them written down. Once you’ve compiled your baby’s essential shopping list, you’ll feel much more prepared for the day you can bring your new child home.

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