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6 ways to organise cleaning products under your kitchen sink

Before you get cleaning – get organised. Explore these great ways of storing your under-the-sink cleaning products.


By Cleanipedia Team

spray bottle, cleaning cloth, wooden board and potted plant on the kitchen countertop

If the area under your sink fills you with dread and you’re fed up of rooting around for those elusive dishwasher tablets (sigh), then look no further. That neglected space is ready to be transformed with our simple storage ideas. Read on to discover our favourite six ways to keep your cleaning products organised and easy to find.

How to organise cleaning products - getting started

The key to a super organised under-the-kitchen-sink space is all in the prep. You’ll need to remove everything, possibly discovering things you’ve not seen for quite some time! Give the area a good clean with a disinfectant spray and cloth, ensuring you get to those tight spots where mould or mildew may have set. Then line the cupboard with shelf liners. Now set aside your cleaning treasure trove and organise your cleaning products by type - sponges and cloths together, dishwasher tablets and rinse aid in one pile, etc.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

1. Go vertical to maximise storage

If you’re especially tight for space, choose vertical solutions for under your kitchen sink. Clear bins are easy to find in homeware stores and make for super stackable storage. They ensure you can see everything in one place (bye-bye, frantic rummaging) and will easily accommodate most cleaning products.

To maximise space, choose different sizes for different types of cleaning items, so smaller bins for sponges and clothes, and larger ones for spray bottles and things like bleach.

2. Shower caddies: the shining stars of under sink storage

A multi-layer shower caddy doubles up wonderfully as over the door storage for your under the kitchen sink area. Just make sure the caddy fits the width of the door snuggly - too wide and it won’t close. Shower caddies are ideal for those items you use on a daily basis and need within easy reach, such a washing-up liquid (and even your iron).

3. Mini cabinets: perfect cleaning product organisers

Affordable storage cabinets, the mini types with wire or plastic baskets are great solutions for small spaces. Use each drawer or level for different items - cloths and sponges in one, bin bags in another, etc.

4. For speedy access, store your cleaning products with a Lazy Susan

This has to be one of our favourite under sink organising hacks. And no, we don’t mean inviting your slothful friend around: a Lazy Suzan is a turntable placed on a table or countertop designed to help share food without the need to move. But it doubles up perfectly as a nifty way to organise your cleaning products. Choose a Lazy Susan that fits your space and organise cleaning items into groups on top. A quick spin is all you need to quickly find what you’re looking for.

5. Turn stationery organisers into super cleaning product dividers

Raid your study or home office for unused stationery organisers – think things like paper trays, pen caddies and magazine holders. The more the merrier. These items make colourful containers for cleaning products. Sponges and cloths can go into the trays, magazine holders are great for spray bottles and pen holders can house clothes pegs.

6. Jars do the job

No doubt plenty of glass jars of various many shapes and sizes come through your kitchen on the regular. Clean a few out and turn them into handy homes for items like dishwasher tablets, soaps, sponges and scourers.

At Cleanipedia, we love getting creative with under-the-sink storage solutions. Try mixing and matching our ideas to fit your storage needs. And now on to the next task - get ready, it’s time to give the rest of your kitchen a deep clean.

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