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How to clean a ceramic, electric, or glass hob

Hobs get dirty easily, and different material hobs require different cleaning methods! We explain how to clean ceramic, electric, & glass hobs.


How to clean a ceramic, induction, or glass hob

A clean hob can change the entire appearance of your kitchen. Rather than it looking cluttered, dull, or dirty, simply cleaning the hob can make the kitchen appear fresher. Unfortunately, hobs get dirty very easily, and most of us don’t have the time to clean the hob after each use. Food can become dried on, which makes it a nightmare to remove, so it’s always best to clean up spillages quickly if you don’t want to spend a whole day scrubbing at old food.

How to clean a ceramic or glass hob in 4 steps

Ceramic hobs look beautiful and are an excellent addition to any kitchen. The same goes for glass hobs. The problem with ceramic and glass hobs is that they scratch very easily. However, to get dried food off the hob, scraping it is the best method. There are plenty of homeowners out there that swear by tile scraping tools to get the job done, but unless you’re prepared to take a large chunk out of the ceramic, this isn’t recommended. Here’s how to clean a ceramic hob or glass hob:

1. Remove all loose pieces of food first, so you’re just working with the stubborn stains.

removing loose pieces of food


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2. Apply a small amount of cleaning fluid specially designed for ceramic hobs or glass hobs, like Cif Kitchen Spray. This fluid will be completely smooth in texture, with nothing that could scrape and mark the hob. Always read the directions on the label first before using any cleaning product.

spraying ceramic hobs with cleaning fluid

3. Allow the cleaning fluid to soak in, but not dry completely. You want it to soften the hard, dried food, but not become difficult to remove.

leaving cleaning fluid on ceramic hob

4. Use a microfibre cloth to clean the majority of the ceramic hob. If there are areas that need a bit more elbow grease, try using some scrunched up newspaper. It’s a rougher texture, yet should still be soft enough to not cause damage. Always try on a small area first and stop if you notice any scratches.

scrunched up newspaper wiping the hobs

How to clean an electric hob in 4 steps

If you’ve got an electric hob with hotplates, cleaning can be a little more difficult. It’s common for owners to dither over how to clean electric hob plates – should you scrub them or treat them delicately? Fortunately, hotplates can usually withstand a bit of rough treatment, which should make cleaning much quicker and simpler. Learn how to clean an electric hob in four simple steps:

1. If your hot plates are removable, take them off the cooker top – this will make cleaning much easier.

2. Use a specially designed commercial cleaning product like Cif Kitchen Spray, which is the easiest option. Apply as directed and allow to soak in before removing it.

spraying cleaning product on electric hobs

3. Don’t be afraid of using wire wool to scrub hot plates, but test on a small section first. If any scratching appears, stop immediately and switch to a softer cloth.

scrubbing hob with wire wool

4. Always rinse the hot plate thoroughly.

The secret to maintaining a clean, shiny hob is to clean up spills and dirt as soon as possible before they’ve had time to dry on. Believe it or not, spending just 5 minutes a day wiping your cooker top is a better option than spending much longer on the job once a month. With these tips, however, you should have it down to an art in no time. (For information on cleaning gas hobs, be sure to check out our article on how to clean a gas hob.)

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