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How to clean a fridge: keeping your refrigerator clean and hygienic

Is your fridge a bit smelly? Wondering how best to clean or organise the refrigerator? Read on for helpful tips on how to clean a fridge!


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Key Steps:

Fridge cleaning can be made a whole lot easier if you regularly maintain your fridge’s cleanliness. Daily, weekly, and less frequent activities will all contribute to a hygienic fridge to be proud of!

  • Daily Activities – Wipe up any fresh spills
  • Weekly Activities – Throw away mouldy or out of date food items
  • Less Frequent Activities – Remove everything from the fridge and give it a wipe down with Cif Power & Shine kitchen spray

Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t just involve wiping the work surfaces and washing the cooker top – it includes the refrigerator, too! In fact, the fridge is one of the most important places to keep clean, as stale food can pollute fresh food products with fungus and bacteria, increasing your risk of contracting food poisoning. The risk is even greater from raw meats and fish that can potentially spread germs like e-coli and salmonella. When cleaning the fridge, it’s important to use the right products, and it’s helpful to work out a schedule that will maintain a high standard of hygiene in your kitchen. Here’s how to clean a fridge:

Daily cleaning activities are an important part of maintaining a clean fridge. Stick to a cleaning schedule and check the fridge daily to tackle any new spills using a specially formulated kitchen cleaning product.

How to Clean the Refrigerator

  • If your fridge has removable shelves and drawers, these can be tackled first. Unless heavily stained with food residue, they need nothing more than a good long soak in a basin of warm water and dishwashing liquid. For stubborn stains, consider using a dedicated cleaner designed for the refrigerator, a food-friendly antibacterial cleaner, or even a natural, homemade solution.
  • Use a good, all-purpose kitchen cleaner, like Cif Power & Shine, that is food-friendly. Disinfectant sprays and surface wipes are ideal, but stay away from anything with strong chemicals, especially bleach and bleaching products.
  • Some people prefer to take a more natural approach to cleaning the fridge. Refrigerator interiors can be tackled with a paste formed from baking soda and warm water; or with a white, distilled vinegar and warm water solution. You might consider adding a few drops of lemon juice to eliminate the strong smell of the vinegar. An open dish of baking soda left in the fridge will absorb any strong food smells.


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Keeping a Schedule

A comprehensive cleaning schedule will ensure that the fridge and its contents are kept clean and healthy. If you want to keep on top of your refrigerator hygiene, think about including the following in your kitchen cleaning schedule:

  • Daily Activities. While you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner, take just a few minutes to check the fridge for any spills. Also use an antibacterial wipe or spray on the door handle – it is one of the most germ-ridden places in the kitchen
  • Weekly Activities. Before doing your weekly grocery shop, sort out all the items in your fridge. Food past its use-by-date should be thrown away. If anything is still within its date but you don’t anticipate using it, perhaps give it to a neighbour to avoid waste
  • Less Frequent Activities. For a deep clean, take everything out of the refrigerator, including the shelves and drawers, and give it a thorough scrub and wipe. You can also consider creating a rota for cleaning different parts of the fridge over the course of a month.

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