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How to get sweat smells out of clothes

A bit of sweat is unavoidable, but knowing how to get rid of the sweat smell from clothes means you can at least start every day fresh and fragrant!


By Cleanipedia Team

Sweating is simply a fact of life. Whatever the weather, everybody will sweat throughout the day. This means it’s important to know how to get sweat smell out of clothes effectively, both in your regularly laundry routine and for a last minute fix when you're on the go. Knowing how to get the BO smell out of clothes in all situations means you can start every day fresh and fragrant, or give yourself a quick freshen-up if you're pushed for time. Here’s all you need to know about how to remove the sweat smell from clothes.

To remove sweat smell from clothes, combine a great-smelling fabric conditioner with a trusted laundry detergent and let the garment air on a hanger in a well-ventilated room.

How to get a sweat smell out of clothes in the wash

If you're looking for how to get rid of body odour in clothes properly, the most effective approach will always be to wash them in your regular laundry cycle with laundry detergent and your favourite Comfort fabric conditioner. For an extra boost of fragrance, try adding Comfort Intense Perfume Pearls to your wash as well!

  1. First step: check the label

    It’s always important to start by checking the label of any item you’re planning to wash for cleaning instructions. If you need to know how to get BO out of clothes that are marked as 'dry clean only', then take your garment to the professionals. However, most pieces of clothing can be sorted out at home, in your usual washing machine cycle. Additional tips for how to remove the sweat smell from clothes will then depend on the type of fabric and colour of the items.

  2. How to get a BO smell out of clothes with white vinegar

    If you need to know how to get body odour out of clothes and remove sweat stains at the same time, reach into your cupboards for this natural cleaning product. Simply get some white vinegar and soak it onto a clean cloth. Dab the offending stain with white vinegar and leave it to soak for around 30 minutes. After this, pop your piece of clothing straight into the machine and wash with regular detergent and fabric conditioner. Voila, the stain and the smell should both be gone!

  3. How to get rid of the sweat smell from clothes you've worn to the gym

    You might be finding it more difficult to work out how to remove sweat smells from the clothes you wear when you work out. This is not just because you sweat more in gym clothes, but also because sportswear fabrics often require gentler, cooler washing cycles to preserve their quality — which are less reliably effective in removing sweat smells in clothes. In order to maintain your sportswear but still give it a proper clean, try using specific sportswear detergents like ones from Cleankit, which help maintain the fabric's shape and colour. Add to your washing machine drawer and wash at 30 degrees for the best results.

    Plus, washing sportswear with your favourite fabric conditioner will leave your gym clothes with a fragrance boost after washing. Fabric conditioner will also help to reduce wear and tear in the washing machine and extend the lifespan of your sportswear, which is especially important if you decide you need to use a higher temperature to really tackle residual body odour.

    Need more tips on washing your gym clothes? Check out our full guide.

  4. What if my clothes smell of sweat after washing?

    If your clothes smell of sweat after washing them with laundry detergent and Comfort fabric conditioner, it might be worth first checking if you need to clean your washing machine to make sure it's working properly.

    Washing on a higher temperature is often a quick solution for how to get sweat smells out of clothes more effectively; however if you prefer to stick to a cooler wash, try turning your clothes inside out before you wash them to help the washing cycle get to inside of your clothes directly (where sweat will be more concentrated).

    Once you've got your laundry smelling beautifully fresh, you'll want to keep it that way! Here's how to keep that just-laundered smell on your clothes for longer.

How to get a sweat smell out of clothes without washing them

Need know how to get body odour out of clothes quickly? If a change of clothes isn't an option and you don't have time for a laundry wash, try these tips to neutralise the sweat smell in clothes, quickly.

  1. Give them some fresh air

    Simply hanging your clothes up outside and letting the breeze air them out can sometimes be the answer to how to get rid of sweat smells from clothes, or at least to make the sweat smell in clothes imperceptible to people around you.

  2. How to get BO out of clothes with baking soda

    Baking soda can be used as a natural deodoriser. If you have time for your clothes to dry out, you could make a paste of baking soda and water, applying it to the smelly areas of your clothes and leave to dry; then brush off.

    If you're more pressed for time, simply put the offending garments into a plastic bag with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda. Close the bag tightly and shake them up together, then leave the bag alone for 10 minutes. Once you've let the baking soda do its work, open up the bag and brush the baking soda off the garments, shaking off any remainder thoroughly before putting them on.

  3. Use dryer sheets to get rid of sweat smells in clothes

    One of the most effective answers to how to get a sweat smell out of clothes without washing them is to give them a quick spin in the tumble dryer with a couple of fragranced dryer sheets. Comfort Intense Fresh Sky tumble dryer sheets are designed to give your clothes an extra boost of freshness and fragrance, which will help you give your clothes a lift even if you don't have time to wash them thoroughly. Plus, as they help to reduce static and creasing in the dryer, your clothes will look like they've been freshly laundered, too!

Of course, you'll get a better result by washing and drying your clothes (and boosting their fragrance with Comfort). Once you're home, pop your clothes in the wash and use our tips (above) on how to get a BO smell out of clothes properly.

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Don’t stress if you need to know how to get BO out of clothes: there are lots of effective options out there that will do just that. Whether you're freshening up in a hurry or you need to give your sweaty gym clothes a deep clean, the tips above will get you and your favourite items clean-smelling and ready for the day!

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