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How to donate clothes to charity

Want to clear some space in the wardrobe and support good causes? Click here for the break down on sorting, preparing and donating clothes to charity.


assortment of colourful tshirts to be donated

Key steps

  1. If an item hasn’t been worn in 6 – 12 months, there’s a strong chance you’re not going to wear it again, making it perfect for the charity shop.
  2. Make sure that the items of clothing you donate are clean and in generally good condition.
  3. Donating clothes to charity shops is just one way of donating. Keep an eye out for local clothes bins and shops that are donating to charity.

Have you got loads of old clothes piling up in your wardrobe and under your bed? Want to know how to donate clothes to Africa or any kind of good cause? Giving clothes to charity means both getting rid of our clutter and generating much needed funds for good causes.

Here we give you the low-down on how to donate clothes to charity.

Make sure your clothes are in good condition and freshly washed before donating. We recommend Persil detergent for removing tough stains.

I want to donate clothes: which items can I give?

In essence, everything. Charity shops and upcycling ventures tend to appreciate any kind of garment on a couple of conditions:

  1. That the piece is in good condition: No big holes, marks or stains
  2. That the piece is clean! No volunteer at a charity shop wants to receive dirty socks!

If you want to donate, sort through your items and have a look for those you think fit the bill and which you no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is if that skirt or top hasn’t seen the light of day in the previous 6 – 12 months it’s unlikely to do so in the future and you should put it straight in the donate bag.


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How to prepare clothes for donation

OK, so you’ve got a nice full bin liner of pre-loved clothes that you’ve outgrown. You’ve checked the quality and they’re all in good condition: now what? If you are donating clothes to charity shops the priority is to get them clean!

To do so follow your normal laundry routine, but give these clothes an extra bit of love. Use a fresh and floral detergent like Surf’s Golden Blossom Liquid or those little Persil capsules that remove so many types of stains. Hang out on the line or put in the dryer and then iron if necessary.

Where can I donate clothes to charity?

The next step in donating clothes is to decide where you want them to go. There are a few different options here:

  • Many people like donating clothes to charity shops. These are then resold and the money funds the charity’s good work.
  • Alternatively you could try donating clothes at your local clothes bin. These are run by different charities that either send them to shops or break down the fabric for recycling.
  • Finally, you could take clothes to shops collecting them for charity. Department stores often run this sort of initiative and sometimes give discounts in exchange for donations. Check online for any promotions like this near you.

With these tips and suggestions, donating clothes to charity will be easier than you thought. And if your clothes aren’t suitable for the charity shop due to damage or stains, then don’t despair. We have plenty of tips on how to recycle clothes when even charity shops don’t want them!

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