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Plastic bottle crafts for kids that teach sustainability

Here you’ll find family-friendly plastic bottle craft ideas and top recycling activities for kids.


Plastic bottle crafts for kids that teach sustainability

Having a number of recycling activities for kids at the ready is a great way to occupy kids and teach them the importance of sustainable living at the same time. We have easy and family-friendly plastic bottle craft ideas, so read on to discover step-by-step guides to making art using recycled materials.

An easy plastic bottle craft idea is to create plant pots for small seedlings or a home-grown herb garden, combining teaching your kids about recycling with sustainable living.

Three easy recycled material and plastic bottle crafts for kids

There are so many ideas for creating fun, colourful and exciting plastic bottle art, but we have chosen our three favourite recycled crafts to share with you today.

Make a rocket piggy bank

Teach your kids about the importance of reusing or recycling as well as the benefits of saving up with a plastic bottle rocket piggy bank.

You need:

  • A clean, empty plastic bottle
  • Paint in your choice of colours
  • Coloured card to match or contrast to your paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Follow these easy steps to make your rocket piggy bank:

  1. Use the scissors to cut a coin slot near the top of the bottle.
  2. With the paint, create a base colour, windows and any other decorations your kids want on their rocket.
  3. Cut the card into rocket wings, and glue to the sides of your bottle rocket.
  4. Leave to dry and let your children start saving their pocket money!

Create art using recycled materials

Why not encourage your children to get creative making sculptures, canvases and more from the products they find in your recycling bin? For example, the bottom of a fizzy drink bottle is the perfect shape to create cherry blossoms by dipping it in paint and using it as a stamp on paper.

Turn an old milk jug into a fairy house

There are some easy steps to create a perfect home for fairies, or even small doll toys!

You will need:

  • A clean, empty milk jug
  • Scissors
  • Paint, markers, coloured paper and/or stickers

To make your fairy home:

  1. Cut a hole at the bottom of the side to create a doorway. This can be any shape, from a standard rectangle to a more unusual triangle or oval.
  2. Add in holes for windows around the bottle sides.
  3. Let your kids decorate with paint, stickers and more to make it their own.

With these easy craft ideas for kids with waste material you can be sure to have fun, educational play with your children while giving your recycling a new lease of life. Using our recycling activities for kids is a great way to teach them about sustainability and take steps to improve the planet for future generations.

Key Steps

  • Make a plastic bottle rocket piggy bank with a simple coin slot and decorate the bottle to look like a rocket.
  • Use old bottles as paint stamps for recycled artwork.
  • Turn old bottles and containers into plant pots.
  • Create a fairy house out of an old milk jug.


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