3 Expert Tips to Get Rid of Toilet Germs

Flushing sends water droplets and toilet germs up into the air. Here’s how to keep a lid on it!

Updated 23 March 2023


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Most of us make a point of covering our mouths and noses when we sneeze and cough, to prevent germs from spreading.

Putting the lid down on a flushing toilet is much the same. Microscopic toilet germs are easily transmitted through the air, which is why it’s important to know how to disinfect your toilet.

Use a combination of germ-busting toilet cleaners, such as Domestos multi-purpose thick bleach, toilet rim blocks and wipes to keep nasty bathroom bacteria at bay.

How Far do Germs Travel When You Flush the Toilet?

The force of flushing sends water droplets, toilet seat germs and microscopic particles of whatever is lingering in your toilet bowl up into the air – and sometimes onto surfaces and door handles.

This phenomenon is known as toilet plume, which unfortunately has very little to do with decorative feathers and much more to do with the spreading of nasty germs like E. Coli and Salmonella. 

So how far do germs travel when you flush the toilet? A study in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that toilet plume can travel as far as 2.7 feet! This means they fly out to surfaces that are almost 1 meter away. How long do toilet germs live on surfaces of your bathroom? According to Family Handyman, germs can last up to five days on surfaces such as door handles and taps.

With these hygiene facts in mind, here are 3 tips to disinfect your toilet.

  • How to Clean a Toilet with Bleach.

Domestos bleach kills all known germs – and it’s a hands-free cleaning technique, which means bacteria won't come into contact with your skin (although you should always wear gloves when handling bleach). A few well-aimed squirts should do the trick, ridding your toilet of harmful bacteria and saving you from germ-ridden toilet plumes.

  • How to Disinfect a Toilet.

You know how to clean a toilet with bleach, which means your toilet bowl will be nice and clean. But what about under the rim? Toilet blocks hook over the rim and freshen your toilet with every flush, leaving your toilet clean and smelling fresh.

  • Wipe Germs Away.

Hard-hitting hygiene facts like toilet plume can motivate you to clean your entire toilet – so how about getting rid of toilet seat germs with anti-bacterial wipes? These can also be used on the handle, base, and along the top of the cistern.

Toilet germs are no one’s favourite topic, but these quick tips and tricks could seriously reduce the spread of bacteria throughout your bathroom and home. You might also want to think about where you’re keeping your toothbrush...

Key Steps on How to Disinfect Your Toilet:

Here are some key bits of information you need to remember when disinfecting your toilet with bleach:

  • Keep the lid closed when flushing the toilet, to contain germs and stop the spread of bacteria through your bathroom

  • Domestos thick bleach is safe to use on most surfaces, but you should always test on a small, inconspicuous area before use and follow the instructions and safety guidelines.

  • Use scented bleach so your toilet smells as clean as it looks! From lavender blast to lemon fresh, there are plenty to choose from in the Domestos bleach product range.

  • Hook toilet blocks over the rim, ensuring it’s in the water flow. Don't remove the protective film, which dissolves over time. Remember to wash your hands after fitting.

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