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How Often Should You Wash Denim Clothing?

Do you know how often you should wash your denim? Read more.


How Often Should You Wash Denim Clothing

How Regularly Should You Wash Denim Clothing?

Denims were created and designed to be worn hard; think cowboys and builders! They weren't designed to be worn once and washed. Today, the same still rings true. Washing denim too often can actually do them more harm than good.

Find out more about how often to washing your denims including the best denim care tips to ensure that you get the longest life out of your denim clothing.

How Often Should Denim be Washed?

Iconic denim brand Levi’s advises that 10 wears is best! They've been making denim jackets, jeans and other clothing items for many years now and we think we can trust their advice. Unless the jeans or denim clothing has become completely soiled, you should aim to only wash your denim item of clothing once every 10 wears.

Denim Care Tips & Advice

When it comes to washing a denim jacket or washing denim jeans, or anything denim for that matter there are a few care tips to follow to help you get best results. Read more on our easy-to-use denim care guide now.

How to Take Care of Denim?

Spot Cleaning

If the jeans or jackets aren't soiled and in need of a full wash, it’s best to spot clean areas that need it rather than wash the whole garment. Use a mild detergent to spot clean the clothing or even try using a baby wet wipe for spot cleaning too. Allow the denim to air dry outside after cleaning.


Sometimes your denim garments just need a good refreshing rather than a clean – think of a denim jacket after a night around the fire or jeans after a night at the club. They aren't necessarily dirty, but you’d like to get rid of the odour. Air drying outside for the day is the best way to get rid of odours on your denim items. You can also use a deodorising spray that is specifically formulated for use on clothing and denim or make your own with your favourite essential oils mixed with water.

Hand Washing

Experts recommend that the first time you wash your denim jeans, you should hand wash them. This can help prevent the colour from bleeding out of the denim. Soak your denims in the bath that is filled with lukewarm to cold water, make sure they are fully submerged under the water. Add a mild detergent to the water and let them soak. Rinse your jeans with cold water and make sure to never wring them out as this can damage the fabric.

Hang the jeans outside to air dry for the day. You can put a bucket underneath them to catch the water so as not to waste.

Washing Machine

If you're washing your denim item in the washing machine, be sure to follow these steps to get the best results:

  • Always wash your jeans and other denim garments inside out to prevent bleeding and fading

  • Use the gentlest cycle on your machine

  • Wash on a cold wash cycle

  • Never tumble dry denim

  • Hang out to air dry for best results

For more cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

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