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How to Clean and Care for Suede Shoes

Cleaning your suede shoes shouldn't be difficult. Read now!


How to Clean and Care for Suede Shoes

How to Care for Suede Shoes

Suede is one of those fabrics that is absolutely gorgeous but can present a few dilemmas, when it comes to keeping it clean and looking as good as new. Wondering how to care for suede shoes? Read our blog on top tips for maintaining your suede shoes and boots and how to preserve them so that you get to wear them for years and years.

How to Maintain Suede Shoes

Invest in a Suede Brush

Maintaining suede shoes is all about taking care of them often. If your shoes are looking a little dusty or in need of a brush up, its best to use a suede brush to give them a pep-up. Make sure your shoes are dry and brush the suede in one direction only, never go back and forth.

Use Water for Stubborn Stains Only

The next step in your suede shoe care regime, for those stubborn stains is to use water. Never immerse your shoes in water, but rather take a bowl of warm water and dip your suede brush into the water. Lightly brush the wet brush over the entire shoe and this should remove any unwanted stains as is. We don't recommend using any kind of detergent or soap at all.

Use an Eraser for Scuffs

A little-known hack for shoe care for suede when you want to remove those dark scuff marks, is to use a pencil eraser. Apply quite a bit of pressure and use the eraser to rub out those dark scuffs and marks. You can also enlist the help of a light sandpaper, a nail file or even some steel wool for really dark scratches and scuffs.

How to Maintain & Preserve Your Suede Boots

How to Preserve Suede Boots

Here are our top tips for preserving your suede shoes and boots so that they will last you a lifetime:

Suede Should be Your Fair-Weather Shoes

If it’s a rainy day, we'd recommend choosing not to wear your favourite pair of suede shoes or boots that day. Suede is best kept away from excess moisture, so the first advice we can give for suede boot care and shoe care is to wear them in the right (and by that we mean no rain) weather conditions.

Use a Shoe Tree

Ever heard of a shoe tree? It’s a wonderful plastic invention that keeps the shape of your shoes in place. We recommend leaving a shoe tree in your shoes and boots when they are in your cupboard, so that they keep their shape for longer. If you don't have a shoe tree, balled up newspaper or tissue paper works just as well. For more cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

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