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How to fix ripped jeans

We explain the best way to fix ripped jeans, perfect even for beginners.


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Key Steps:

To fix rips or tears in jeans follow these key steps:

  • Assess the damage, if small use the darning technique described below.

  • If there’s a large rip or it’s in a difficult area like between the thighs, consider using a patch.

  • Iron on patches first before sewing around the edges to secure.

Today's sustainability conversations are all about minimising waste and this certainly applies to our clothes. Knowing the basics when it comes to sewing can mean the difference between throwing things out immediately and giving them a new lease of life.

This is especially true for jeans. We’ve all got a favourite pair at the back of the wardrobe that we love but have stopped wearing because of rips. Well, what about learning how to fix ripped jeans? Doing so saves resources, money, and a beloved item of clothing from the trash. Here we offer tips on fixing rips in jeans, even those tricky rips in the inner thigh region.

Try to fix tears as soon as you see them – small rips easily turn into bigger ones but sewing them up immediately should prevent further damage.

How to fix torn jeans: What you’ll need

There are a few basics you’ll need to repair ripped jeans. Before you start make sure you have the following to hand:

  • Scissors.

  • Iron-on denim patches and thread the same colour as your jeans.

  • Ironing board and iron.

  • Pins.

  • Sewing machine – optional.

The best way to fix ripped jeans

You have a few options when it comes to smaller rips and tears. If it’s relatively minor and isn’t in an area that isn’t going to be stretched out, then go for the simpler method of stitching up the rip directly.

  • Use pins to close the tear temporarily.

  • Thread the needle and tie a knot at one end.

  • Cast off on one end. This is where you make a few stitches in one place to secure your sewing at the start.

  • Stitch over the top of the rip so the edges pull together.

  • When you get to the other end cast off again with multiple stitches and a knot in the fabric. This is to hold it in place.

Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, it’s time to turn to a common problem area when it comes to jeans: how to fix jeans that ripped between the thighs.

How to fix ripped jeans: inner thigh areas

Knowing how to fix ripped jeans at the inner thigh can stop you from getting rid of an otherwise good item of clothing. This is a slightly more complex process than fixing a standard rip because simple darning could tear open again due to the amount of movement and stretch this area experiences. Instead, you need to follow this process:

  • Cut off any loose threading around the edges of the rip.

  • Turn your jeans inside out and iron a patch onto the inside of the hole instead of pinning the edges together.

  • Let the patch cool completely before handling the jeans. Keep them turned inside out.

  • Sew around the edges of the tear to secure the patch in place.

  • Cast off at the start and end of your sewing to ensure it does not fall out.

  • Cut the remaining thread so you have no loose ends.

  • Voila! Your jeans are as good as new.

Armed with this knowledge of how to fix torn jeans, you don’t have to let a single tear mean the end of your beloved trousers. Get the sewing kit out and try this DIY fix for ripped jeans so that they are as good as new!

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