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How to Restore Faded Clothes & Prevent Fading?

Are you noticing that your favourite items (and, in fact, most of your clothing) are fading more and more after every wash? Are they colours losing their brightness, the white losing their whiteness, and just generally looking tired?


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: How to Restore Faded Clothes & Prevent Fading

Fading clothes is a common laundry problem that many people face. But thanks to Surf’s Total hand washing powder, you can restore faded clothes and prevent them from fading in the first place. Read on to find out how!

What Causes Fading in Clothes?

When clothing is washed at too high a temperature and with detergents that are not designed to lock in colour, clothing will slowly begin to lose its brightness. Hot water causes the fibres in clothing to stretch out which allows the colour dye in the clothing to be released and that’s when fading occurs. Clothing that should be washed on a gentle cycle, or hand washed specifically, will also fade faster if washed in the machine on too vigorous a cycle.

How To Make Clothes Look New Again

If you’re wondering how to keep fabric from fading, if you stay away from these three things when washing your bright or dark clothing, will get you the best results quickest.

#1 - Avoid Hot Water

Hot and very hot water is the main culprit when it comes to clothes fading fast. If you want to practice how to keep clothes from fading in the wash daily, then you must make sure you select the warm or cold wash cycles instead. We highly recommend washing all your clothing at 30 degrees Celsius and lower for best results.

#2 - Avoid Vigorous Cycles

If your washing machine offers cycles that are either short or quick, or they have a gentle wash cycle, we would recommend choosing those as your priority. These cycles use the least amount of friction to wash the clothing, which helps to prevent fading from occurring because fabric fibres are not agitated as roughly, making them less likely to colour fade.

#3 – Avoid Washing Detergents That Don’t Actively Brighten

If your choice of washing detergent does not actively work to brighten your coloured and white clothing, then why use it? Thanks to new technology, you can choose excellent washing powders that are formulated to actively stop colour fading and actively enhance colour brightening, like Surf’s Washing powders.

How Does Surf Help To Brighten Your Clothes?

Surf washing powders are formulated with Active Bright technology. This technology works to brighten coloured clothing and whiten white clothing with microscopic whitening granules that work to deep clean your clothes and leave them brighter after every wash.

If you want to practice how to keep bright clothes from fading when you wash your coloured, dark, or white clothing, choose Surf washing powders today. Not only get an active clean but your clothing will be left bright like new – that’s the Surf promise!

Tips for Preventing Clothes From Fading

Keen to know how to stop clothes from fading in the first place? Here are our top tips to preventing colour fading with every wash:

  • Only wash like colours together. Separate darks, brights, and whites when washing.

  • Always choose the gentle cycle, quick cycle or the most correct cycle for your fabric types.

  • Say goodbye to hot washes and always choose lukewarm or cold temperatures on your machine.

  • Skip using the tumble dryer as often as you can. The heat of the dryer can increase colour fading.

  • Add a good quality fabric conditioner to your washing cycle to prevent colour fading too.

For more clothing care tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia now.

FAQs on How to Restore Faded Clothes & Prevent Fading

What to add to fading clothes to prevent fading?

Choose an excellent laundry detergent like Surf washing powder to prevent colour fading.

Does dye help restore faded clothes?

You can choose to re-dye your clothing to enhance the colour, but that is the really long, risky way of doing it. Rather wash your clothing with Surf washing powders today and watch your bright colours return to look like new.

Can you reverse fading in clothes?

Yes, you can! We recommend that you start using Surf washing powders today.

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