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How to Wash and Store Seasonal Bedding and Clothes

Is storing your bedding and clothes difficult? Read more.


How to Wash & Store Seasonal Bedding & Clothes

Having different linen, bedding, and clothing for summer and winter is a common practice for people all over the world. What you need and want in the summertime is definitely not going to cut it in the winter time, no matter what climate you live in. Washing and storing your seasonal items is a really important practice because it enables linen and clothing to last a long time and still look as good as new.

There is nothing better than opening up a fresh-smelling bag of winter warmers if they've been washed and stored correctly, as opposed to opening a mouldy-smelling bag of badly stored items. We've put together a list of our must-do tips on how to wash bedding and clothing and how to store seasonal clothes and bedding too.

Why Should You Change Bedding and Clothes Seasonally?

In winter we need thicker blankets, warmer duvets, thicker linen and of course warmer clothing like jerseys, jumpers and jackets. But, thanks to our warm weather in South Africa, we don't need all of that for our longer summers.

Changing your bedding and clothing according to the season is good practice because it allows your bedding and not-often washed clothing like coats and jackets, to be washed well every few months. Storing your seasonal items is good practice because it can lengthen the longevity of the garment or bedding and make sure you are able to enjoy them for years and years.

The Best Way to Store Seasonal Clothes and Bedding

What is the best way to wash and store seasonal bedding and clothes?

Washing Seasonal Bedding and Clothes

When it comes to how to wash seasonal bedding, here are our top tips:

  • Make sure you put your bedding through the correct washing machine cycle. Most washing machines have a delicate cycle which will allow your sheets and linen an opportunity to get washed well but in a gentle cycle so as not to damage the fibres.

  • Make sure the bedding is properly dried before storing. Never put damp bedding away, because it’ll go mouldy, and you may open it up next season to find a whole host of interesting things growing on your linen.

  • When washing seasonal clothes like jackets and coats, be sure to follow the laundry care guide for each garment as some might be required to be dry cleaned only.

  • For clothing that can be washed at home, make sure you wash it on the most gentle, cold cycle and make sure it dries properly before storing too.

Storing Seasonal Bedding and Clothes

A great piece of advice to follow when it comes to bedding storage ideas is to make sure that it can breathe a little. For fabrics like cotton and percale, invest in storage packaging that is made of natural fibres (like cotton). If you don't have storage packaging or room to store the packaging consider using a specific cupboard or chest of drawers for seasonal items in the home.

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