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Reasons for Washing Dark Clothes in Cold Water

Wash your dark clothes in cold water. Here's why:


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Reasons for Washing Dark Clothes in Cold Water

Dark Clothes Wash Temperature

Why Should I Wash Dark Clothes in Cold Water?

Dark coloured clothing is clothing that has been dyed a certain colour, meaning that the fabric fibres of the clothing have undergone a dyeing process in order for them to retain a certain colour. When you wash dark colours incorrectly, over time, the fabric fibres fade and loose colour. By washing dark clothing correctly, you can make sure the fibres don't fade and that the fabric retains its rich, dark colour.

Sort Fabrics First

Before you begin to wash your dark clothing, first sort your dark clothing by fabric. Jeans, pants, shirts and other hard-wearing items like cotton and polyester can be washed together, while delicates like underwear, bras and silks should be washed separately.

Cold Water is Key

Wondering, “do you wash dark clothes in cold water?” The answer is absolutely, yes. Cold water ensures that the fibres of the fabric don’t stretch and allow the colour to bleed out. A cold-water wash cycle will keep fabric fibres intact, whilst still ensuring they get a good wash.

Choose a Colour-Safe Detergent

Choosing a colour-safe detergent like Skip ensures that the fibres of darker clothing are further protected too. Skip liquid laundry detergent gives dark clothing a better clean and shape, keeping the integrity of the colours intact too.

What Temperature Water Should I Wash Dark Clothes In?

Always choose a cold wash cycle for your dark colours when using a washing machine. If you're hand washing, make sure you use cold or tepid water, never hot water. Another washing care tip for dark colours is not to tumble dry them. You will be defeating the object of cold washing if you do a hot dry afterwards. Always hang your darker clothes in natural sunlight to dry, and turn them inside out for extra protection. For more cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

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