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Tricks To Fold Clothes Without A Board

There are tricks to folding your clothes. Read to find out.


Tricks To Fold Clothes Without A Board

When you’re on holiday or travelling, you don’t have your kitchen counter or dining room table to fold your clothes easily on. In fact, sometimes you don’t have anything flat to use as a folding surface. We’ve got a few tips on how to fold clothes with and without help from a board, and also learn how to fold clothes to save space. We make folding clothes easy, with these great tips:

What Is The Easiest Way To Fold Clothes?

Whether you’re travelling, camping, glamping, or just simply don’t have a big enough surface on which to fold clothes, use these easy tricks and folding clothes devices to help make your task that much easier.

How To Fold Clothes With A Board

By using a folding clothes board, you can create perfectly folded items time after time to make sure you don’t have a mishmash of clothing all over your closet or camping bag. You can use a clothing board that’s bought from a store or simply make your own folding clothes cardboard cut-out. Cut your cardboard into various sizes for different items, rectangles for t-shirts, smaller squares for undies etc. Place your clothing item on the cardboard cut out and fold your garment neatly around it. Then slip the cardboard out and voila, you have a perfectly folded item.

How To Fold Clothes Without A Board

If you’re travelling or camping, you most likely won’t be inclined to pack a piece of cardboard in your bag that could get damaged. If you don’t have a board, simply find any kind of flat surface like an outdoor table, driveway, parking lot, or the like, lay down a clean towel, and fold your clothes. Follow these tips on how to fold your clothes perfectly every time.

What Other Devices Can I Use To Fold My Clothes?

Apart from cardboard, there are many other types of board you can use as a folding clothes hanger. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a magazine or large book

  • Use any kind of board that is relatively sturdy but can be cut into shapes

For the best results when folding your clothing, make sure you wash your garments with a good detergent like Skip.

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