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How to organise a children’s party – a checklist

This article gives some easy tips on how to organise a children’s party at home.


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How to organise a children’s party – a checklist

As a parent or carer for a kid, creating a birthday party for your little one can be one of the most fun and stressful activities you do. If you're wondering how to organise a children's party but don't really know where to start, let us help you focus on the key issues when it comes to how to plan a birthday party. Here are our favourite kids' party ideas covering everything from picking a theme, kid-friendly party food and getting organised.

Always create a children’s party checklist to stay on top of everything you need to do. After the party is over, keep a good house-cleaning product at hand, like Handy Andy, to ensure the clean-up afterwards is quick, efficient and easy!

1.     How to organise a children’s party: be prepared

The first rule of party-planning is to be extremely organised, and this counts regardless of whether you're planning a massive New Year's Eve party or just looking for some kids’ party ideas at home. Be sure to start out with a to-do list for children's birthday parties covering things like invites, decoration, food, entertainment and contingency plans if things go wrong.  Share your children's party checklist with anyone helping with the organisation and decide together who will do what

2.     How to organise a children’s party: choose a fun theme

One of the more fun parts of this task is thinking about a theme. If you're going through lots of kids’ birthday party ideas at home but can't decide what to do, try to individualise it. What do your children and their friends really enjoy? Are they really into a new film, TV programme or book? If you're looking for weird and wonderful kids’ party ideas at home, there are lots of good ideas online from what other creative parents have tried. 

3.     How to organise a children’s party: get in lots of kid-friendly food

Whatever else you do, the number one thing when it comes down to how to host a kid’s birthday party is, of course, food! There's nothing more stressful than having a band of hungry little ones in your home. Brainstorm different categories of food and think about what kinds of things your children like. Go for party favourites like tasty sandwiches as well as special birthday treats. If you have a strong theme, try to link at least a couple of dishes to it. 

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It is fun being a parent when you can indulge your inner child. While looking for birthday party ideas at home can be stressful, think of it as a chance to let out your creative side and have a little fun. Whether it's picking an unusual idea or making a massive cake, do something your little ones will never forget and you'll build some memories that will be treasured forever. 

  • Rope in others to help organise the day.

  • Make a list of the important tasks that need to be done.

  • Each takes responsibility for a different area, such as food, decorations and entertainment.

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