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Stag Party Ideas For The Home

Been tasked with best man duties? Try these bachelor party ideas for a night he’ll never forget.


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Bachelor parties don’t always have to follow the ‘rules’ - you don’t have to spend your night searching for clubs and eating fast-food at 4 am. Instead, why not consider bachelor party ideas that you can host in your own home? They’re ideal if you’re on a budget!

Have bin bags at the ready and an efficient product like Handy Andy to clean up when the stag do ends.

Ideas for a bachelor party at home

Learning how to host a bachelor party at home can make the night a lot more affordable and easier to manage. It can also feel more personal for the stag.

Check out these bachelor ideas to get some inspiration:

  • Consider the food and drink. To save money, start planning the food and drink in advance. This way, you can buy all the non-perishable items when they’re on offer instead of waiting to purchase them last-minute at full price.

  • Limit the guests. When it comes to stag party ideas for a more personal celebration, limiting the number of guests is important - your bank will thank you, too! Keep the guest list limited to only close friends and family.

  • Make sure you have a plan. It's the best way to ensure you create a night worthy of the groom. It also reduces stress for the host and, as you can bring in the other partygoers to help, it means jobs will get done more quicky.

  • Introductions are important. If not all of your guests know each other, add a pre-stag meet-up to your bachelor party checklist. It’ll give everyone a chance to get to know each other and you can brainstorm some ideas for the big night. Maybe even a few ice-breaker games including sharing stories about the stag or a series of "truths" and "lies" about him for others to guess.

Stag do games

If you want some inspiration for funny bachelor party ideas that’ll make the night one to remember, check out these great games:

  • Mr and Mrs quiz: create questions about the groom’s future wife to test how much he really knows! Ask the bride herself, as well as her friends, for some increasingly difficult questions, and be sure to save the answers to give to his wife-to-be after the party. Every wrong answer could involve a forfeit for the groom!

  • Toy Soldier: when it comes to funny stag do ideas, we love the toy soldier game. All you need is a little toy soldier for each of your guests and a set of forfeits. Throughout the party, anyone can shout ‘toy soldier!’ and everyone has to copy the stance of their own tiny figure. The last one to do it is given a forfeit.

  • Send to all: you can either do this as a ‘no phone rule’ or target the groom. If it’s no phones, then whenever someone is found on their phone the groom gets to send a text to everyone in that person’s phone book. If you target the groom, everyone else gets to decide on that one text!

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Preparing your stag party: checklist

Now that you've (hopefully) been inspired, it's time to begin planning. To help, we recommend creating a bachelor party checklist. This basic list should help you get started:

  • Set the date and agree on the invite list as early as possible. Use the weather forecast if planning an outdoor event and set up a social media event.

  • Get all the attendees' contact details and consider starting a group chat. It can be a great way to share details, make decisions, assign jobs, and get to know each other.

  • Decide on the budget - most stag dos are group-funded by the attendees so check what they're comfortable, and able, to spend.

  • Assign tasks to each of the attendees so that everyone feels involved but track their progress to ensure nothing gets accidentally forgotten.

  • Prepare the food in advance (where safe to do so). If you're ordering food, make sure you make your request in good time to avoid disappointment.

  • Organise your games a couple of weeks before to make sure there's nothing missing. Make sure you have the bride's contact details if you need her to answer Mr & Mrs questions!

  • Access the stag's home on the day of the party - or the night before if possible - and make sure everything is kitted out.

  • Plan a cleaning party for the day after - the last thing the stag needs is an unhappy bride-to-be looking at a messy home!

With these ideas, your bachelor party should be a blast. Enjoy!

  • Check for offers on food and drink before the party.

  • Keep the guest list small.

  • Create a plan for timings and games.

  • Keep bin bags close by to clean up the rubbish.

  • Use Handy Andy to clean any spills or dirt after the party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some simple bachelor party ideas?

Bachelor parties don’t have to be elaborate, expensive affairs especially if you’re on a budget. Organise a stag do at home and make sure there is enough food and beverage to go around. Play cool, fun games during the event to keep the mood upbeat and the party vibe flowing.

What games do you play at a bachelor party?

There are many different types of bachelor party games to play. Read the article above for a few ideas of games that are always popular.

What do you need for a bachelor party?

When organising a stag party, you mainly need a good deal of organisation skills. Make sure everything is planned ahead of schedule so that you can relax and enjoy the party too. Create a checklist and make sure these things are on it:

  • Date and venue organised

  • Food and drinks

  • Budget

  • Games

  • Cleaning Party for the day-after

How to clean your home after a bachelor party?

The clean-up after the night before is always the worst part, but not if you plan for it. Get some of the groom’s closest buddies to be a part of the clean-up party. Organise black bags and a good quality cleaning product like Handy Andy, and get all hands-on decks to clean.

How to plan a stag party on a budget?

If you plan in advance, you can certainly make sure that a bachelor party at home stays within a set budget. Ask attendees to each bring a plate of eats, or their own drinks to save on costs too. Read the article above for more budget-friendly ideas.

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