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Floor & Surface Cleaning Tips: The Ultimate Guide

Read On For Tips On How To Clean Floors And Surfaces


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Floor & Surface Cleaning Tips: The Ultimate Guide

Regular floor and surface cleaning does more than just keeping your environment clean. It’s also an excellent way to keep your home free from germs and environmental bacteria that spread diseases. Find out more about the things you should regularly clean to prevent the spread of viruses. So how exactly do you ensure you keep your surroundings germ-free? This article offers floor cleaning tips and surface cleaning techniques that should come in handy.

5 Surface And Floor Cleaning Techniques To Follow:

1. Have a Routine

As with most things, practice makes perfect. Cleaning is no exception to this rule. Create a consistent cleaning routine and keep to it. How frequently to clean might depend on the regularity of usage.

2. Clean Regularly

Wipe often-touched surfaces like doorknobs, tv remotes, refrigerator & microwave handles, light switches at least once a day. For carpet and floor cleaning, consider sweeping, vacuuming and mopping daily, although wooden floors need only be swept once a week.

3. Have A Cleaning Pattern

While cleaning, ensure you start with the cleanest surfaces before moving to the dirtiest surfaces. This would help minimize the spread of grime and germs, and even E-Coli prevention. In the same vein, ensure that cleaned surfaces are as dry as possible to prevent the spread of bacteria.

4. Clean With A Germ-Fighting Solution

Clean and degerm surfaces by using a product such as Handy Andy Kitchen Cleaner, then using a cloth to wipe down surfaces with this solution. Also, mop with floor cleaning chemicals to thoroughly clean floors.

5. Use A Welcome Mat

Keeping a welcome mat at the entrance of your home goes beyond making your visitors feel at home. A welcome mat is also an excellent way to protect the floor of your home. You could encourage your family and guests to take off their shoes and wipe their feet on the welcome mat before walking in.

Finally, employ new practices that would minimize exposure to germs. This might include leaving doors ajar and keeping your home free of clutter.

Why Is Routine Surface Cleaning Important?

Surface cleaning is important to prevent the build-up of grime, dirt and germs on the surfaces in your home. Apart from its aesthetic importance, people tend to let down their guard while in the comfort of their home. What this means is that a home with unclean surfaces might lead to frequent illness. Read more on how to prevent bacteria.

How Often Should Routine Surface Cleaning Be Carried Out?

Ideally, you'll want to clean frequently touched surfaces at least once a day. If possible, wipe them down after each use. Although this might seem challenging, adhering to our surface cleaning techniques should make it easier.

Clean spills and visible dirt as soon as they occur. In a situation where many different hands touch a surface, clean before you leave. This helps to reduce the spread of germs from one person to another. Find out how to create a healthy home environment.

Why is Floor Cleaning Important?

The floor comes in direct contact with the soles of our shoes, which usually have a lot of interaction with public spaces, where the risk of contamination is high. Floor cleaning serves a dual purpose: getting rid of grimes, dirt & stains, and degerming the floor. Use floor cleaning chemicals, like Handy Andy All In One Floor Cleaner, to make the cleaning process as smooth as possible.

How Often Should You Clean Your Floor?

Sweep up dirt and wipe spills as soon as they occur. And while it’s advisable to clean the floor at least once a day, there are no fixed rules. Settling on the number of times to clean your floor is entirely up to you.

A clean floor and surface help curb the spread of germs and diseases. But floor cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful. If you employ preventive measures like sweeping and wiping up spills immediately and using good cleaning products, it wouldn't be such a daunting task.

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