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The Quick Way to Keep Your House Clean

With the right cleaning products, it’s easy to keep your home looking and feeling beautiful.


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Hello beautiful! We’re talking to you, of course, but it should also be what you think when you walk in the door and see the beautiful home you’ve created for yourself. Handy Andy has been a household name for many years nowadays they offer an array of products for every cleaning need. Thanks to Handy Andy, you can say goodbye to ugly dirt and hello to sparkling clean.

The Quick Way to Keep Your House Clean

The first step in keeping your house clean without having to spend hours scrubbing every week is to do a quick clean every day. In just a short time each day, you can tidy, clean floors and surfaces and still have time to get a load of laundry on, so your home is hygienically clean, always. The second step, of course, is having the right products. With the right cleaning products, you can get surfaces and floors thoroughly clean and shining in just a few minutes.

Put together your household daily cleaning kit and keep it easy to access, and you’ll find it much easier to give rooms a quick clean as needed. You’ll need a container to keep it all in, a couple of good quality cloths and sponges, and of course the best cleaning products.

For fast, easy cleaning that gets rid of dirt, germs*, grease and stains, we recommend Handy Andy. There are three types of Handy Andy detergents developed for home cleaning: Creams, Sprays and Floor Cleaners. All three can be used safely on a wide range of surfaces around your home, and there are a variety of fragrances so your home smells as beautiful as it looks. So, tackle a room a day with a little help from Handy Andy and you’ll always have a picture-perfect home.

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How to get a quick clean with Handy Andy

Cream Cleaners

For all surfaces with ingrained or stubborn dirt or stains, use Handy Andy Cream Cleaner. Micro-crystals in this cleaning cream get rid of 100% of dirt with an easy wipe. The cream cleaner is available in five fragrances: Ammonia Fresh, Lavender Fresh, Lemon Fresh, Potpourri Fresh and Spring Fresh. Cream cleaner goes on smoothly and rinses off easily, and you’ll love the shiny clean finish on your surfaces.

Spray Cleaners

For the fastest clean and products specifically designed to target particular areas around your home, there’s the Handy Andy UltraFast Sprays. Just spray and wipe – no need to rinse – and your surfaces will be clean and shiny in just ten seconds! Now that’s a time-saver!

The Kitchen Cleaner Spray has a lovely Zesty Lemon scent and it’s formulated to cut through grease quickly. Use it on all your kitchen surfaces; don’t forget the splash-back tiles and the stove surface.

The Pink Grapefruit Bathroom Cleaner Spray cleans limescale and soap scum, as well as everyday bathroom dirt, and leaves your bathroom surfaces sparkling. Use a dry cloth when wiping away to get that extra level of shine!

For areas all around the house that you want to make sure are really hygienically clean and germ-free, there’s the Multipurpose Antibacterial Spray with bleach for intensive cleaning. It kills 99.9% of germs and works perfectly to get counters, tables and other surfaces sparkling clean, fast.

For windows that are bright and brilliantly clean, you’ll love the Window & Glass Spray. This window cleaner works fast and won’t leave unsightly streaks on your glass surfaces. The light Summer Blossom fragrance leaves your rooms smelling as good as the blooms you can see through those beautiful windows.

Floor and All-Purpose Cleaners

Surfaces taken care of, now it’s time to tackle your floors. The Handy Andy Floor Cleaner range uses the power of Domestos** to ensure your floors are clean and germ-free and look fantastic. Whether it’s wood, tile or laminate, these floor cleaners will get rid of walked in dirt and stains. You’re not restricted to floors either, as the cleaning liquid works just as well on walls and other large surfaces that need a hygienic clean.

To use the all-purpose cleaner, start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor area. Pour 3 caps of cleaner into a bucket (about 3.5l) of water. Pour onto a wet sponge or directly onto the surface and wipe over the floor. Rinse, and wipe again with a damp cloth or mop. A final wipe with a dry cloth gives you a perfect lasting shine.

Use the 750ml all-purpose cleaner, neat (apply directly to your sponge or surface) to kill 99.9% of germs. This is definitely recommended in high traffic areas like entrance hallways, kitchens and bathrooms (not recommended for painted wood or metal, or linoleum floors).

And that’s it. Surfaces and floors shining brightly in a matter of minutes, and a home that’s hygienically clean and smells welcoming and fresh. There really is a Handy Andy for every clean. What more could you ask from a daily cleaning routine?

*Handy Andy Multipurpose Antibacterial Spray and Handy Andy Floor Cleaners are formulated to kill 99.9% of germs when used as directed.

**No bleach in product.

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