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How to Clean Your Gym Equipment

Gyms can be breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we became a lot more aware about how prevalent germs are and how they spread. In high-germ spaces like gyms, it’s essential to clean your gym equipment regularly.


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How to Clean Your Gym Equipment

Whether you attend a local public gym, a smaller private gym, or have an at-home gym, keeping equipment clean is not only important for your own health but it can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to and from others too. In this easy-to-follow guide, we will take you through the importance of why you should clean gym equipment and surfaces after use and give you tips on how to do it with ease. From treadmills and ellipticals to free weights and benches, follow this guide to get a good clean, quickly.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gym Equipment

Germs and bacteria are spread through contact as we know. Imagine this scenario, a sick person coughs into their hand and does not wash it. They then pick up a dumbbell and use it. They then walk away, leaving all those germs on the dumbbell without cleaning it. You then go to pick up the dumbbell afterward and all those germs are transferred onto your hand. Can you see how easily germs are spread?

The essential reasons why you should use effective gym cleaning products and clean gym equipment before and after use include:

  • Preventing the spread of diseases and illnesses

  • Killing germs and bacteria instantly

  • Improve hygiene levels of your gym or the gym you attend

3 Steps To Cleaning Gym Equipment Like A Pro

Most gyms have a range of sanitising products like hand sanitiser and sanitiser sprays readily available around the gym. These can be used as a great gym equipment cleaner.

However, just in case the sanitiser at the gym runs out, we recommend carrying around a pack of Handy Andy Multipurpose Surface Wipes to get the job done perfectly too. This way, you don’t have to rely on the availability of sanitisers at the gym but can rather whip out your Handy Andy wipes and give surfaces on the treadmill, elliptical, or weights a quick, efficient clean.

If you would like to be a little extra prepared, why not keep a small bottle of Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray on hand. Decant some spray into a travel-sized spray bottle and keep it in your gym bag. This spray has bleach which will kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on contact.

Here’s how to use either the gym sanitiser, the Handy Andy Multipurpose Surface Wipes, or the Handy Andy Antibacterial Spray to clean your gym equipment today.

#1 - Remove the surface layer and grime

Using a clean piece of paper towel or your Handy Andy Multipurpose Wipes, give the areas where you will be touching the equipment the most a quick wipe down to remove surface dirt and grime. For cardio machines like treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals, the areas to focus on are the seats, handles, and screens (if they are touch screens).

#2 - Apply cleaning solution

Spray a small amount of the gym sanitiser or your Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray to the high-touch areas.

For cardio equipment, be careful not to spray any electronic parts with the cleaning solution – like the touch screen – as this may cause them to malfunction.

For free weights, dumbbells, and mats, you can spray your chosen cleaning solution generously on all the areas that you intend to touch.

Wipe the spray off with a dry paper towel or allow it to air dry for a few seconds before use.

Pro Tip: Make sure any heavy equipment you’ve just cleaned is fully dry before using it. If you use it when it’s still wet with a cleaning solution, it could increase the chances of the weights slipping out of your hand and causing an injury.

#3 - Use disinfectant to kill bacteria

Make sure you’ve used a sanitiser provided by the gym or your Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray with bleach to ensure you’re killing as many germs and bacteria as possible. Simply wiping gym equipment down with water or a dry towel, will not kill the germs you need to.

Keen to know more about the amazing benefits of the Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray with bleach? Read our blog on Spray your Surfaces Safe with Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray to learn more about how this great product can keep all your surfaces germ-free.

How Often Should Gym Equipment Be Cleaned?

If you’re wondering how often to clean gym equipment – whether you’re a gym owner or a gym user – the answer is, often! As a gym user, you ideally should get into the habit of cleaning every piece of gym equipment you use before and after every use. In this way you are ensuring:

  • You remove germs and bacteria before using the equipment to prevent yourself from picking up any nasty bugs

  • You clean gym equipment after you use it, to keep others safe from any possible germs you may have spread to the equipment.

For more cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

FAQs on Cleaning Gym Equipment

How do you get sweat stains out of gym equipment?

Generally, when you use a good multipurpose spray like Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray, you will be ensuring that both germs and stains will be removed before and after each use.

What disinfectant is safe to use for gym equipment?

We recommend Handy Andy Multipurpose Wipes or Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray for best results.

How often should you clean gym equipment?

We recommend cleaning your gym equipment before and after every use.

What is the proper time to clean the workout machine?

It is recommended to clean the workout machine before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. This involves using a disinfectant wipe or spray to sanitize the surface before and after use. If the machine is heavily used or in a public gym, it may need to be cleaned more frequently, and it is important to follow the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines.

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