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Spray your Surfaces Safe with Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray

Keeping your surfaces germ-free with Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray.


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Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray

Every parent wants to keep their homes and families safe, but cleaning can feel like a tedious chore especially when there are hundreds of products to choose from out there that promise to do a myriad of things. For busy mums and dads, simplicity is key, and wouldn’t it be great to have one single product that can make cleaning hassle-free? Well, there is, and it’s called Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray, available in Spar and Makro.

Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray is a versatile spray that can be used on a multitude of surfaces in and around your home. The Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray kills 99.9% of germs lurking on surfaces. What’s more, it leaves the surfaces you’ve cleaned looking and smelling brand new, too. Learn more about the benefits of using the multipurpose spray from Domestos and creating a healthy home environment.

What is the Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray used for?

Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray is a multi-surface spray that helps you kill 99.9% of germs on most surfaces of your home and leaves surfaces with a brilliant shine after use. Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray contains a unique formula that kills 99.9% of germs on all high-touch surfaces in your home with the power of bleach. These surfaces include door handles, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, dustbins, and floors and walls too.

In addition, Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray is super convenient to use, helping to save you time on cleaning thanks to its easy-to-use bottle and nozzle.

How to use Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray?

Simply spray your Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray on the surface you wish to clean, leave for a few seconds to really soak in. The spray immediately starts to work the minute you’ve sprayed it onto the desired surface, making sure it is germ-free.

The specially designed nozzle spray bottle enables the Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray to get into hard-to-reach areas and sanitise with every drop. The nozzle is child-friendly too, ensuring that once it’s locked the little ones won’t be able to use it.

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Once you’ve used the Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray and your home has been cleaned, always make sure you thoroughly wash and disinfect your hands to make sure that no germs or dirt have stayed on your skin.

Domestos, unstoppable

Choose Domestos for all your germ, virus, and bacteria-killing needs now. The power of bleach is unstoppable in our multipurpose bleach spray and you’ll be blown away by how clean and germ-free it leaves every surface you clean.

Learn more about how Domestos bleach can help keep your home germ-free.

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