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Fast Acting Handy Andy Sprays To Make Cleaning Easier

Use Handy Andy Surface Cleaning Spray Daily For Your Home


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A spotlessly clean bathroom vanity

Handy Andy surface sprays are designed to remove dirt and reveal the beauty hidden underneath.

Handy Andy appreciates that different parts of your house have different cleaning needs and therefore gives you products specially formulated to leave every part of your house sparkling clean. These include:

  • Handy Andy Ultrafast Bathroom Trigger Spray 500ml

  • Handy Andy Ultrafast Kitchen Trigger Spray 500ml

  • Handy Andy Ultrafast Multi-Purpose with bleach Trigger Spray 500ml

  • Handy Andy Ultrafast Windows & Glass Trigger Spray 500ml

There’s a Handy Andy Ultrafast Trigger Spray for every room of your home. Using the right product for the surface means less elbow grease and less time spent rubbing and scrubbing. It’s all about targeted efficiency.

What Makes Handy Andy Such A Great Surface Spray?

The technology behind Handy Andy is what makes this spray cleaner a market leader in its space. Every Handy Andy product line is specially formulated to lift dirt uniquely and efficiently:

  • The spray’s fast-acting molecules lift up dirt. Simply spray the product, wait 10 seconds, then wipe and watch the dirt slide right off the surface.

  • The Handy Andy Multipurpose with bleach Household Cleaning Trigger is suitable for all the surfaces in your home. This variant contains bleach which acts quickly to kill germs and leave your home hygienically clean. The kitchen variant is fast acting and highly effective on daily kitchen dirt.

It is also a quick degreaser spray that leaves surfaces sparkly clean with ease. The bathroom variant cleans everyday bathroom dirt, limescale and soap scum quickly while the window and glass variant acts fast to lift dirt and leave streak free sparkling surfaces and windows.

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What Surface Cleaning Spray Is Best?

The best surface cleaning sprays are by Handy Andy. When polled, 7589 customers ranked Handy Andy’s range of surface cleaners number #1 in South Africa. South Africans have entrusted Handy Andy with their homes.

If you are looking for a surface spray that:

  • removes 100% dirt and stubborn stains with ease

  • comes in a variety of fragrances

  • ...

...then Handy Andy is the choice for you. The Handy Andy Ultrafast Sprays have a unique fast-acting formula that cuts through grease and lifts dirt, making them potent surface cleaner sprays.

Do Surface Cleaning Sprays Disinfect?

Surface cleaning sprays can disinfect. But this depends on their formulation. For instance, the Handy Andy Ultra Fast Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Spray contains bleach, making it a powerful antibacterial cleaner that kills 99% of germs when properly used.

Here's how you can properly use your cleaning sprays:

1. Spray the surface

2. Wait 10 seconds

3. Wipe away the product

4. In case of stubborn stains or heavy grease, leave to sit for a few minutes before wiping off

And that is it! Easy as 1,2,3 and you have shiny and clean surfaces.

Should You Use Handy Andy?

Handy Andy cleaning sprays are effective at targeting dirt and follow through on their claims of cutting through grease and grime, removing grime and soap scum and leaving mirrors and glass streak-free. This is why we recommend Handy Andy, it's a multi-award winning surface cleaner that’s been a household name in the cleaning industry for generations.

So: remove that stubborn dirt fast with the Handy Andy range of powerful spray cleaners. Choose the ones you need for your home: Handy Andy Ultrafast Bathroom Trigger Spray; Handy Andy Ultrafast Kitchen Trigger Spray; Handy Andy Ultrafast Multi-Purpose with bleach Trigger Spray; Handy Andy Ultrafast Windows & Glass Trigger Spray.

Handy Andy Does It Best

When you use Handy Andy, you will appreciate that not all surface cleaning sprays are all created equal. Many South Africans have entrusted their homes to Handy Andy, maybe it’s time you do too.

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