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Powerful Floor Cleaning Cocktails That Make Your Floors Shine

When you feel like your floors need to be "extra clean" do you mix a floor cleaning cocktail? Most cleaning chemicals are dangerous to mix. Here's the solution.


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Powerful Floor Cleaning Cocktails That Make Your Floors Shine

The first rule of thumb when working with any cleaning chemicals is never, ever to mix them together. You never know how different chemicals might react to each other under differing circumstances. So, what do you do if you are looking for that extra clean for your floors? You’re pretty sure that if you had a cleaning cocktail, you’d be able to get the best shine for your floors ever! Well, you’d be right. That’s where Handy Andy comes in! Here’s a little more about why mixing cleaning chemicals isn’t advisable and what solution Handy Andy has, as the perfect floor cleaning cocktail.

Is it Advisable to Mix Cleaners to Make a More Powerful Cleaner?

It might be tempting to create your own cleaning cocktail to create a super-powerful cleaning product but it is advisable absolutely not to. There are certain chemicals (that can exist in cleaning products) that should never be mixed together.

What Cleaning Chemicals Should Not Mix Together?

Here is a list of cleaning chemicals not to mix - absolute no-no’s when it comes to cleaning products:

  • Bleach and Vinegar

  • Bleach and Alcohol

But what if you want to get the cleaning power of a multi-purpose cleaner with the disinfecting properties of bleach to create the perfect cleaning combination for your surfaces and floors? Well, you don’t have to because Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray with Bleach has done it for you.

Introducing Handy Andy with Bleach – The Perfect Cocktail

Handy Andy with bleach has created an ultra-fast cleaning cocktail for you that promises clean and shining surfaces and floors in just 10 seconds. Handy Andy has expertly and scientifically mixed together the disinfecting power of bleach with Handy Andy’s cleaning prowess. Here are a few more reasons why this product is THE perfect cleaning cocktail:

It’s Antibacterial

Thanks to the power of bleach in this multi-purpose cleaner, the spray offers both cleaning and anti-bacterial effects when sprayed on any surface

Kills Germs

The bleach in the product ensures that germs and bacteria will be killed instantly when using it, which is a wonderful option for hard-wearing floors and surfaces in the home. Try Handy Andy’s perfect cocktail now, and prepare yourself for the shiniest floors you’ve ever had.

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