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Safety Tips When Using Home Cleaning Products

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Safety Precautions When Using Cleaning Products

Whilst cleaning products are an absolute lifesaver for busy moms and dads, not to mention the housekeepers that are responsible for keeping homes across South Africa spick and span, they can be dangerous if not used and stored correctly.

Many cleaning products use chemicals that are necessary for getting rid of dirt, grease and grime but that are not safe when ingested or placed onto the skin. Follow these tips on the best safety precautions when using cleaning products to ensure that you and your family stay out of harm’s way.

How to Use Home Cleaning Products Safely?

It is law that on every cleaning product label, there will be a clear guide on how to safely use the product including how much product to use and how to use it best. Always start by reading the cleaning product label.

What Precautions to Take When Using Home Cleaning Product?

Here are other tips to use to ensure household cleaning products safety:

Work in a Ventilated Space

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When using cleaning product and most especially products that contain bleach or ammonia, it is always advisable to open as many windows and doors as possible. This allows enough ventilation to get into the room to avoid a build-up of fumes.

Never Mix Products

Want to create a mix that has extra punch and thinking of mixing two different kinds of cleaning products? Thing again! Never mix different types of cleaning products together, because you have no idea how the chemicals in the products might react with each other – there could be catastrophic consequences.

Heed Warning Labels

Apart from usage labels, there will also always be warning labels on products that are potentially harmful. Always read the warning labels on cleaning products to understand when and why they are not safe to ingest or use on the skin.

Proper Storage is Key

The most important part of any household that has children in it is to make sure that cleaning products are always kept safely away from little hands, and this includes non-toxic house cleaning products too. Consider either putting child-proof locks onto all cupboards at floor level so that children cannot access them or consider placing all your chemical and non-chemical cleaners in a higher cupboard, out of reach.

What To Do in Case of Emergency?

If a member of your family, a child or baby does ingest any kind of cleaning product or accidently gets it on their skin, you should:

  • Read the warning label on the packaging to check for what to do in an emergency

  • Contact the Poisons Information Helpline on 0861 555 777

  • Get to your nearest emergency room or hospital for help

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