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How to Remove Super Glue From Skin and Hair: Home Remedies

Glued skin and hair can be frustrating. Whether it’s been there for a while or just happened, we can help you remove it quickly and painlessly.


Reading Time: 5 minutes

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Key steps

To remove super glue from your skin or hair, follow one or more of these key steps:

  • Soak your skin in warm, soapy water then rub glue away.

  • Oils like coconut or avocado oil can loosen glue from your skin.

  • Soak your hands in acetone to dissolve the glue.

  • Rub glue away with a pumice stone.

  • Soak your skin in lemon juice to separate fingers stuck together with glue!

Got some of the super sticky stuff on your skin or hair? First, don't panic! Superglue sticks to anything almost instantly but there are a few different home remedies you can try to get rid of it fast. Here we list some of the most effective ways on how to remove superglue from hands, fingers, or hair using products you’ll already have at home. 

Fully and thoroughly wash your hands using products like Dove. This will ensure no irritation is caused by the method of superglue removal you have chosen.

How to remove superglue: 5 step-by-step hacks to try

If you’re wondering how to remove superglue from fingers, hair, or anywhere else on yourself, then look no further! These five hacks have step-by-step guides to show you how to remove superglue from the skin quickly and easily.

1. Superglue not dry yet? Try warm, soapy water!

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If this has only just happened, the most important thing is that you act as soon as you can, as this makes the process needed to remove superglue from fingers and hair much simpler. Here’s what to do:

  • Fill a bowl with warm water.

  • Add a good quality detergent, such as OMO, or soap.

  • Soak your hands, hair, or other affected skin in the water for around 10 minutes.

  • Once the superglue has been softened, gently rub it off

This is also a great way to remove anything which may have become stuck to you with the superglue. Once soaked in the warm soapy water, use a spoon handle to gently separate your skin or hair from the item. If it feels painful or you start to tear your skin, try soaking for a little longer. If this still doesn't help you can try one of the other methods below or seek medical help to ensure the glue is removed safely.

2. Super glue being stubborn after soaking? Try oils!

Another approach worth trying if you want to know how to get superglue off your hands or hair is butter and natural oils. Here’s the process to follow:

  • Complete the soaking steps above to soak your skin or hair first.

  • Rub butter or oils, such as coconut or avocado oil, onto the affected area.

  • Massage the area until the superglue is removed.

3. Still no luck? Try acetone!

Acetone is not only great for removing nail polish, but it’s also an effective way to remove superglue from fingers. Here’s what to do:

  • Rinse your hands first, and make sure you do not have any broken skin or cuts in the affected area as acetone could hurt here!

  • Pour acetone into a bowl.

  • Soak the super glue affected area for one minute, until the glue dissolves.

  • Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands afterwards to remove all traces of acetone and prevent irritation.

4. Dried on superglue is painful to remove? Try a pumice stone!

You’ve probably got a pumice stone at home to rub away dry skin, but it is also a great home remedy to remove super glue from fingers.

  • Follow the steps in our first hack, soaking your skin in warm, soapy water first.

  • Dip your pumice stone into the warm, soapy water.

  • Rub the affected area with the pumice stone. Work in a circular motion for the best results.

  • Always stop if it starts to hurt as you don’t want to damage your skin.

5. Dried superglue left in small patches? Try lemon juice!

If you need to know how to remove superglue from skin and hair in small patches this is a good technique to try – and who doesn’t have a lemon around the house!

  • Pour lemon juice into a bowl.

  • Allow the affected skin or hair to soak for around 10 minutes.

  • Dip a clean toothbrush into the lemon juice.

  • Using the toothbrush, rub the lemon juice directly onto the affected area.

  • Use a clean, dry cloth to dry your hands and gently rub away the superglue.

  • Wash your hands or hair thoroughly after.

With these easy steps and everyday household products, you now know how to remove superglue from the skin, hair, and fingers with ease! Remember, it’s not just about skin; if you’ve got superglue on your clothes there are a few different tips and tricks you can find to get rid of it. Read our article to find out.

Safety Warning

If you experience pain while removing superglue from your skin or hair, then seek medical help. They can help ensure the glue is removed without causing any damage or injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What not to do when removing super glue?

Don’t panic and don’t pull! You could hurt yourself if you try to pull your skin or hair free from the glue. Rather follow the advice above on how to soak your skin to get rid of the glue and free your fingers or any other areas that might be stuck together.

Is superglue toxic?

If ingested in large amounts, super glue could be toxic. But if you just get a small amount stuck on your skin, it is not anything to worry about. Simply act calmly and quickly to remove the glue.

What happens if superglue is left on your skin?

If left on your skin, over time your skin will reject it and it will slowly peel off. It can look ugly and cause an adverse reaction if left, so we recommend soaking your hands with our suggestions above to remove the glue quickly.

What is a super glue burn?

When you pull super glue off from your skin it can pull a layer of skin or two with it, leaving a red and inflamed area that is painful.

What products can I use to remove super glue from hair and skin?

Read the article above for some great ideas on products and remedies to use at home to remove super glue from hair and nails. From detergents to lemon juice, we give you all the ideas you need.

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