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How To Clean A Deep Freezer

Cleaning your deep freezer may seem like a tedious job. Learn how to efficiently clean your deep freezer and keep it looking and smelling fresh.


Person wearing protective gloves cleaning the deep freezer

Whether you have a freezer attached to your fridge, or a separate chest freezer in the home, cleaning it doesn’t have to be the mammoth task you think it is. The process of cleaning chest freezers or a fridge freezer is not hard but does require a little bit of time and elbow grease. If something has gone wrong however, like for example, if power trips while you’re away causing all the meat to rot, or you’ve got a lot of freezer mould growing, the process might require a few additional products to kill any bacteria or germ build up.

Here's how to clean deep freezers with ease. We offer you a step-by-step guide on how to do it and we’ll give you all the recommended products to use for best results too.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Deep Freezer?

Follow these easy steps on how to defrost and clean your freezer;

  • First of all, clear the freezer. Throw any items or packages that are outdated or that have severe freezer burn on them away. This is a great opportunity to declutter your freezer and only keep the quality and essential food items you need.

  • Defrosting the freezer is the next essential step because you won’t be able to thoroughly clean the freezer if there is a build-up of ice or icicles inside it.

Always consult the manufacturers handbook for your specific fridge type on how best to defrost the freezer.

  • Once the freezer is fully defrosted, take out all the shelving or removable parts and wash in warm soapy water. We recommend using Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid for this part of the process.

  • Next, wash all the inside and outside surfaces of the freezer with warm water and a good quality all-purpose cleaner like Handy Andy Cream.

How To Clean A Deep Freezer With Mould?

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Mould is a common problem in many freezers. The best product to use when trying to get rid of stubborn freezer mould is Domestos Multi Purpose Surface Spray. Follow the above process and before you dry the freezer, give the mould areas a scrub down with Domestos and a scourer (be gentle and make sure not to scratch the surface) to get rid of it. Be sure to rinse the areas you’ve cleaned with Domestos thoroughly before drying down.

How To Clean A Deep Freezer With Rotten Meat?

Murphy isn’t on your side and your electricity can trip while you are on holiday resulting in everything in your freezer thawing out and rotting. If this happens, follow the exact same process above but instead of keeping any produce, you’d most likely have to get rid of all the contents of your freezer to prevent illness from contamination. Clean the freezer as above and also wipe down all the surfaces with a thick bleach cleaner like Domestos to kill an bacteria or viruses that may have been left over from the rotting meat.

The Products You Need To Clean A Deep Freezer

What Products Should You Use To Clean A Deep Freezer?

As we’ve mentioned, our top three products that you’ll need when tackling your annual deep freezer clean out are:

If you find that your fridge looks clean, but has a bit of a funky smell, we’ve got you covered! You’re not alone in this, and our articles of How To Remove Smell From The Fridge will tell you everything you need to know. Browse our kitchen cleaning tips to make sure your kitchen stays in tip top shape today.

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