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A Fragrant Fabric Conditioner For Your Most Loved Garments

Looking For A Fragrant Fabric Conditioner? Look No Further!


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A Fragrant Fabric Conditioner For Your Most Loved Garments

What is a Fragrant Fabric Softener?

Let’s start by discussing what fabric softeners are. They serve a great purpose when it comes to protecting your clothes. This is because they protect the colour of your clothing, they maintain the shape and they make clothes easier to iron.

A fragrant fabric softener like Comfort, is a fabric conditioner that is great for sensitive skin, and makes your clothes smell great too. Comfort is considered the most fragrant fabric conditioner because Comfort was designed with micro-sized fragrance capsules that soak deep into clothes’ fabric fibres during the wash cycle. These burst throughout the day to release bursts of freshness as you move. So, whether you are having a long day at work, dressed to impress, or are hitting the gym your clothes will smell fresh throughout the day or evening.

Why Buy Fragrant Fabric Conditioners?

Our clothes are on the front line of all the daily tasks we complete. They soak up our sweat and get covered in dirt. Do you love exercising? Gyming, cycling or playing sports means sweaty clothes. Perhaps you work in an industry where your overalls are always being covered in grease? Maybe you’re constantly seeing clients or rushing to get tasks done all day. This is where Comfort, with great fragrance in fabric softener in South Africa, is a must-have for your daily washing.

What is the Best Smelling Fabric Conditioner?

What are the added benefits of fragrant fabric conditioners?

  1. Research has found liquid fabric softeners, like Comfort, to be most effective at removing odours and softening clothes. Particularly when they were compared to other types of fabric conditioners like dryer sheets and dryer balls.

  2. The best-smelling fabric conditioners offer a variety of great scents. Comfort, for example, is available in 7 variants. This gives customers so many great fragrances to choose from including Pure, Morning Fresh, Elegance, Uplifting, Heavenly Nectar, Divine Petals and Lily.

  3. The best fabric conditioners for smell are created with innovative technologies. Not only is Comfort designed to keep clothes smelling fresh all day long but its newest range of fabric softeners, Perfume Deluxe, is inspired by the latest trends in fine fragrance. Crafted by perfume experts, they are designed to smell great while still offering great care features for your clothing.

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How Much Does Fragrant Fabric Conditioner Cost?

Comfort fabric conditioner comes in an 800ml bottle. This may be smaller than other brands but you do not lose out. Why? You actually still get the same number of washes as you would with a regular 2L bottle! Because the formula is more concentrated, you don’t need to use as much. Comfort also comes in a cost-saving 800ml refill.

The price of Comfort fabric conditioner depends on the store you buy it from. The products are competitively priced and one thing is for sure, they are worth their value. They come is easy to use refill pouches which have the added benefit of being better for the environment.

How Are Fragrant Fabric Softeners Used?

Comfort can be used when washing your clothing in a machine or by hand. If you use a front-loader, 1 cap should be poured into the detergent drawer at the start of the cycle. For top-loaders 1 cap should be added during the final rinse cycle and if you are washing by hand, 1 cap can be added per batch of washing.

So, not only is Comfort a great-smelling fabric conditioner but it is also versatile, affordable and a high-quality product using the latest innovations and technology in fabric conditioner in South Africa.

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