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Best Way to Use Comfort Pure Fabric Softener

Comfort Pure fabric softener is perfect for the whole family. Read our guide on how to use/dose Comfort Pure fabric conditioner.



Comfort offers a wide range of fabric softeners that are ideal for the whole family. From Comfort Pure fabric conditioner that is gentle enough for sensitive skin to Comfort Aromatherapy that has therapeutic essential oils to promote relaxation for stressed-out Moms and Dads.

We take a look now at the entire Comfort range of fabric conditioners, most especially the Comfort Pure fabric softener range, which is perfect for the whole family, as well as how to get the best results when using it.

Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner

What is pure fabric softener?

Comfort fabric conditioner is a super gentle fabric softener that has been formulated to be as sensitive as possible on sensitive skin. It is the perfect fabric softener to use on clothes for babies from newborn and upwards. It has been dermatologically tested specifically for sensitive skin and can be used by the whole family too, especially those with more allergy-prone skins or sensitive noses.

Thanks to Comfort’s Encapsulated Fragrance Technology, micro-sized fragrance capsules soak deep into the fabric fibres during washing. Even after drying the micro-capsules can release bursts of fragrances for days afterward.

How To Use Comfort Pure Fabric Softener?

Comfort fabric softener is recommended highly for washing clothes and clothes for the more skin-sensitive members of the family. To make your life easier why not use Comfort Pure for all the washing instead.

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Here’s how:

  • For a normal size washing load of up to 5kgs, it is recommended to use a half a cap of Comfort pure.

  • For large loads of between 6-7kgs, it is recommended to use a full cap of fabric conditioner.

  • For hand washing, use a third of a cap full in a bucket of water and allow the washed clothes to soak in the fabric conditioner and water for up to an hour.

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