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Hand Wash Vs Washing Machine

The age-old question we often get asked here at Cleanipedia is, is it better to hand wash your clothes or put them in the washing machine. The answer is not a simple yes or no. There are benefits to both for you, your family and the environment.


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Hand Wash Vs Washing Machine

Read on to find out more about our take on the hand wash vs washing machine debate. We’ll give you the benefits of each and let you decide what you think is best for you.

First things first though, you need to determine how the garment or fabric needs to be washed. Some clothing can only be hand washed, in which case using a machine to wash it is not an option. Luckily for us, OMO has a wide range of products to choose from whether you’re going to be hand washing or using a machine. Check out their laundry product range now.

What are the Benefits of Hand Washing?

When it comes to hand washing, there are some great benefits to be enjoyed when you hand wash garments. Here’s our list of top benefits of hand washing:

  • When you hand wash a garment, it is being exposed to less agitation than it would in a machine. Less agitation means less damage to the fabric and fibres.

  • Hand washing is recommended for delicate fabrics like wool and silk which can tend to get damaged and stretched out in the washing machine.

  • Because hand washing uses, well your hands, it is not dependent on whether there is electricity or not. Hand washing is therefore ideal during load shedding.

  • Hand washing uses less water than machine washing. So, in terms of washing machine vs hand wash water usage, it is more environmentally sustainable to hand wash especially in water shortage areas or in times of drought.

Keen to know how to get your hand washing done quickly? Read our blog on How to hand wash clothes at home in no time now.

What are the Benefits of Machine Washing?

The washing machine is a mechanical invention that has revolutionised the way we wash our clothes, and it also has had a huge impact on our lives in terms of time and effort. Here are top benefits of using a washing machine:

  • Washing machines take less time and less of your effort. When you’re running a busy household, looking after kids and working, you probably don’t have time to hand wash every single garment. With a washing machine, you can simply pack a load, add detergent, switch it on and go.

  • Washing machines are designed to wash multiple garments at once. You can put many different clothes into one load whereas with hand washing you have to wash one garment at a time.

  • Using a washing machine can be eco-friendly if you choose an energy-efficient machine, only wash when you have a full load and don’t do pre-washes.

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If you do use a washing machine at home and need to know how to keep it clean, read our blog on How to clean a front-loading washing machine now.

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Which is better for the environment, hand washing or using a washing machine?

When it comes to water usage, hand washing uses less water than a washing machine does. Hand washing also does not require electricity or heated water to run. However, hand washing does take more time and effort to do.

What are the benefits of using a washing machine or using my hands to wash clothes?

We’ve put together a list of our top reasons for both methods of washing clothes. Read the blog above to find out the benefits of hand washing and the benefits of using a washing machine now.

What are the benefits of hand washing clothes?

Hand washing clothes has a lot of benefits. It's a great way to save money on energy costs, for one. It is just a really effective way to get your clothes clean – you can be sure that all the dirt and grime will be removed without any residue left behind.

What are the benefits of machine-washing clothes?

Machine-washing clothes is a great way to get them clean and free of bacteria, dust, and other allergens. It's also much more efficient than hand-washing, which can take a long time. Try it with OMO auto hygiene powder.

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