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How to Care For Your Silk Fabrics

With all the luxury and quality packed into silk fabrics, it’s no surprise that they require the most delicate care to keep them looking and feeling amazing. The delicate nature of silk fabrics means that when it comes to caring for your silk garments, without the right methods and techniques to preserve the fabric’s softness and sheen, you can end up damaging your silk fabric.


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How to Care For Your Silk Fabrics

To help ensure that you don’t have to deal with snags, stains, and fading on your precious silk items from using the wrong care techniques, here are some top laundry tips to help you preserve your precious silk items.

TLC for Your Silk Fabrics

Whether it’s a silk scarf, blouse, or any other type of garment, without the right techniques and tricks, caring for your silk fabrics can be tricky. But fortunately, if you follow these silk fabric care tips, you’ll be able to enjoy luxuriously soft and delightfully scented silk fabrics for years to come.

A Fabric Care Guide for Silk

When it comes to caring for silk fabrics, or any other type of fabric for that matter, a good rule of thumb to follow is to always read the fabric care label on your items before washing. The garment care label will help guide you on the best cleaning practices to preserve your items. If your silk item is labelled as ‘Dry Clean Only’, we recommend that you take the item to a professional for cleaning. If the care label indicates you can clean your silk fabric at home, here are some cleaning tips you can use:

Tips for Hand-Washing Silk Fabrics

  • Fill your sink with cold water and mix in a mild detergent according to the dosage instructions.

  • Leave your garment to soak for about three minutes and then use your hand to gently agitate the item in the water to remove any dirt.

  • Drain the water, refill the sink with cold water, and add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the rinse water. The vinegar will help to remove excess soap and preserve the silk garment.

  • Rinse again.

  • Then add a caring fabric conditioner, like Comfort, to your final rinse water to leave your silk items beautifully scented and feeling luxuriously soft for longer.

Tips for Machine Washing Silk Fabrics

Only use this method if your garments care label doesn’t say to only hand wash or dry clean your items.

  • Place your silk item in a mesh laundry bag and then pop it into your washing machine.

  • Select a cool and gentle wash cycle.

  • Add a gentle detergent, following the detergent’s dosage instructions.

  • Choose the shortest spin cycle and then start the machine.

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Tips for Drying Silk Fabrics

When it comes to drying your silk fabrics, you still need to exercise care to avoid damaging your silk items.

Top Tip: To preserve your silk items, never tumble dry or wring your silk garments and never leave them to dry in direct sunlight.

To dry your silk items:

  • Hang your silk fabrics to dry on a clothesline or drying rack in a cool dry place.

Fabric Care Tips to Preserve Your Silk Fabrics

Follow these extra tips on how to take care of silk fabrics to keep your items luxuriously soft and ensure they never lose their lustrous sheen.

  • When ironing, turn your silk garment inside out and iron using the lowest heat setting.

  • When ironing ensure you place a cloth between the silk fabric and the iron to protect the silk.

  • When storing your silk garments for long periods of time, store the items in a breathable plastic bag and ensure you place moth-repellant around the bag.

With these care tips, preserving the quality of your gorgeous silk items is easy.

For more fabric care tips to keep your items looking new and ensure they last for years to come, read more on Cleanipedia today.

FAQs on Caring for Silk Fabrics

Can you use fabric softener on silk fabrics?

Yes, you can use fabric softeners like Comfort fabric conditioner which contains Pro-Fibre technology, to care for and protect your silk fabrics. Just be sure to follow any care label or dosage instructions.

Can you use bleach on silk fabrics?

No, you cannot use bleach on silk fabrics as the chemicals may damage the fibres of your fabric.

How do I wash silk fabrics in a washing machine?

To wash silk fabrics in a washing machine, place your silk garments in a mesh bag to protect the fabric and place it in the machine. Then select a gentle or handwash cycle at a temperature no higher than 30°C, add a mild detergent and start the laundry cycle.

Should silk fabrics be ironed?

To remove any wrinkles on your silk fabric, you can iron it. Just be sure to read this blog: How to Iron Silk Clothing Without Ruining It for tips and tricks to help ensure you don’t damage your silk fabric while ironing.

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