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Clothing Care Tips & Fabric Care

See our clothing care tips for newer looking clothes.


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Clothing Care

It’s not simply about chucking a load of washing in the washing machine, pressing start and waiting for it to end. Clothing care does, and should, take a little bit more time and effort in order to get the longest wear from your clothing as well as to keep them looking newer for longer too.

Correct care for clothing is about washing different fabrics according to how they should be washed. Which means understanding a little bit more about different fabrics, care labels and washing machine symbols.

At Cleanipedia, we’ve done our researched and written some helpful blogs on these exact topics. We’ve put together a guide on the best way to care for clothes, using some our Cleanipedia resources that have been tried and tested already.

Best Way To Care For Your Clothes

How To Care For Different Types Of Fabrics?

Understanding what different fabrics need in terms of cleaning and how they should be cared for is an essential part of keeping a healthy home. In the past, we written some informative guide on how to look after different types of fabrics. Learn more:

How To Properly Care For Your Clothes?

Wondering what are the steps in caring for clothes? We created an essential guide on how to correctly wash clothes in the washing machine by understanding the different washing machine cycles.

Inform yourself and be in the know when it comes to tips on caring for clothes properly. Get quick, easy information that you need.

Browse through our clothing care articles to learn more clothing tips and tricks today – you’ll be so glad you did.

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