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How to Keep White Sheets White and Bright

Brilliantly white and bright sheets are the dream. Whether it’s for your guest bedroom or your own, there’s nothing quite like getting to peel away your bed covers and revealing spotlessly clean and incredibly white bed sheets.


How to Keep White Sheets White and Bright

Unfortunately, though, as you wash and use your bed sheets and pillowcases over time, their whiteness can begin to fade and your linen can start to turn yellow, making keeping your linen bright and white, difficult. Fortunately, by using a laundry detergent like Surf Washing Powder, worrying about how to make white sheets white again will be a thing of the past, thanks to its effective cleaning and whitening technology.

If keeping your linen white is something you’re struggling with, read on to find out how to turn laundry day into a breeze, and keep your white bed sheets white with Surf Washing Powder.

What Causes Sheets to Become Dull

Linen and white clothing are notorious for how easily they can become stained, dull, and turn yellow. There are several factors that can cause your sheets to fade and become yellow, including poor-quality washing detergents and poor washing techniques.

Washing your white sheets with other colours can result in the brightness of your sheets fading or the colours of the other items bleeding into your white linen and staining them. Leaving you with linen that’s lost its brilliant brightness.

While most people may know that the accumulation of sweat and dirt can result in your sheets becoming dull and yellow, a less commonly known cause of faded sheets is the washing detergents you use. Certain washing detergent ingredients react with sweat and other chemicals in white linen and cause them to become yellow.

How to Get Your Sheets Bright White Again

The best way to transform dull and yellowing linen to brilliantly bright and wonderfully white again is by using a detergent for white sheets. Certain detergents like Surf’s washing powder are formulated with ingredients that brighten and restore white linen. For spotlessly clean and bright white linen, trust Surf Washing Powder.

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Surf washing powder is specially formulated with whitening granules that remove yellowness and deliver a superior whiteness to your linens, ensuring beautifully clean, stain-free, white linen.

How to Use Surf to Keep Your Sheets White

For difficult stains: Pre-treat difficult stains in your linen by rubbing a paste of one tablespoon of Surf and two tablespoons of water on the stain or yellow patch and leave it to soak for 10 minutes before washing as normal.

For heavily soiled linens: Use 1 cup of washing powder for handwashing to brighten your linen.

For lightly soiled clothing: Use a ¾ cup of Surf Washing Powder handwashing or machine washing your load.

Keeping your white sheets bright and white doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead, transform your linen laundry days into a breeze with the effective cleaning power of Surf Washing Powder.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Washing White Bed Sheets

How do you keep white bedding from turning yellow?

You can keep white bedding from turning yellow by regularly washing it with effective laundry detergents like Surf which are formulated with whitening granules to restore items to their original whiteness.

Is it hard to keep sheets white?

With Surf, keeping your sheets and other clothing bright and white is made simple thanks to the effective cleaning power of the Surf washing powder.

How do I get old, yellowed pillowcases white again?

Use Surf washing powder which is formulated with whitening granules to get your pillowcases brilliantly white and bright again.

What do hotels use to keep their linens white?

To keep their linens white, hotels use quality, effective laundry detergents, like Surf, that are formulated to restore dull or yellowed items to their original whiteness.

Should I wash white sheets in hot or cold water?

You should wash your white sheets in hot water for the best results.

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