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How to Keep Whites White by Hand Washing

Believe it or not, a lot of people avoid buying white clothing because they don’t know how to prevent white colours from yellowing or becoming completely dull. It is a common challenge, the world-over, to keep whites looking clean and bright for an extended period, so how do other people do it?


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How to Keep Whites White by Hand Washing

At Cleanipedia, one of the most common questions we get asked by our home care readers is, “how do I keep my whites, white?” Well, thanks to Surfs hand washing powder, your work is basically done for you.

The range of Surf washing powders for hand washing is powerful and can remove even the most stubborn of dirt and sweat stains while keeping your whites looking as good as new.

In this blog, we will unpack just how Surf has created such a miracle product range. We will also give you tips on how to keep your whites as white as new when hand washing with Surf powder.

How Does Surf Keep White Clothes White?

In simple terms, this technology makes use of super-whitening granules that work directly on the dull or yellowing areas of the fabric. Surf promises that the whitening granules will begin to work their magic to create superior whiteness on your white fabrics in just seven washes!

Tips for Keeping Whites White When Hand Washing

Now that you know that the key to keeping whites, white is using Surf handwashing powders, are there any other tips to practice when hand-washing white clothing? Yes indeed, here they are:

#1 – Soak Before Washing

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For best results with white clothing, we always recommend soaking your clothing in water and Surf detergent first. In a bucket of water, add a cup of Surf hand washing powder and dissolve gently together. Add in your white garments and leave to soak in this solution overnight. In the morning, rinse the garments out and hand-wash the clothing as you would normally. By soaking your yellowed or dull white clothing, you are allowing the brightening granules in Surf to penetrate properly into the fabric fibres.

#2 - Use White Vinegar to Refresh Your Whites

Vinegar is a great store cupboard ingredient that can be used when hand washing too. All you need to do is add ½ cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water and allow your white garments to soak in the solution. For an extra white kick, add ½ cup of borax to this solution for remarkable results. Once you have soaked the garments for an hour or so, rinse them out and wash them as per normal with Surf hand washing powder.

#3 – When In Doubt, Use Bleach

Most manufacturers recommend diluting your bleach product in a solution of 1:100, meaning 1 cup of bleach to 100 cups of water. That means in a 20L bucket you should use around 200mls of bleach. Mix the diluted solution with a scoop of Surf washing powder added and soak your white clothing in it for a few hours before washing normally by hand.

How to Keep Your Clothes White?

Apart from how to hand wash whites with Surf soap powder, are there any other tricks to practice at home to keep your white clothing as white as possible? Yes, there are, and we have created a list of the best ones now:

  • Always dry your washed white clothing in direct sunlight. The UV rays of the sun also help to whiten your clothing

  • Make sure you always wash white clothing only with other white garments. If you add colours or darks to your white loads of washing, they will dull almost immediately.

  • Choose warm or cold washing cycles instead of hot ones.

For more clothing care tips and tricks, read our article on how to revive white clothes with whitening technology today.

FAQs on hand-washing white clothes

How do you keep white clothes white without bleach?

If you use Surf’s hand washing powder range, you’ll be able to keep your white clothing white and bright like new without having to use bleach.

How do I keep my clothes from turning yellow?

Use our tips above to help prevent your clothes from yellowing including soaking them overnight, using vinegar and Surf washing powder, or using bleach when in doubt.

How do I get my white clothes white again?

When you hand wash your clothing with Surf’s range of washing powders, you’ll be able to get your white clothing looking whiter than ever.

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